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How to Make Mouse Pointer Larger on a Chromebook

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Is your Chromebook’s cursor too small for you? Let me show you how to increase the mouse pointer size in Chrome OS.

Make Chromebook Cursor Big

To increase the pointer size:

  1. From the launcher, open the Settings app.Chromebook Settings App in Menu
  2. From the left pane, select Accessibility.Chromebook Accessibility Settings
  3. Select Cusrsor and touchpad.Cusrsor and Touchpad Settings - Chromebook
  4. Click and enable the Show large mouse cursor toggle.Show larger cursor on Chromebook
  5. You should now have a larger mouse cursor on your screen. Use the Cursor size slider to adjsut the size.Adjust Cusrsor Size on Chromebook

Did it work? Let me know in the comments section below.

3 responses to “How to Make Mouse Pointer Larger on a Chromebook”

  1. Thank you! My old eyes appreciate the larger size.

    1. You are welcome!

  2. Sherman Smukler Avatar
    Sherman Smukler

    Yes, it worked. Thank You!

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