Get Twitter’s Old Design Back With This Chrome Extension


Twitter recently introduced their bubbly "Edge" design makeover. As with any other design shifts on this planet, there are unhappy people on the Twitterland too. Here is a Chrome extension that lets you get the old Twitter design back. As the name suggests, this is a debubbler. If the new design has already reached you, simply install […] Read More

You Can Now Schedule Your Chromebook’s Night Light


Google recently added the Night Light feature to Chrome OS. In a recent update, they have added the option to schedule night light. Night Light showed up in a recent Chrome OS update. This feature is still a work-in-progress, but Google seems to be improving the nitty gritty around this. In a recent Canary channel […] Read More

Chrome OS “Files” App Can Now Archive and Unzip Files From Google Drive


The Files app in Chrome OS have a "Google Drive" section. This section shows all the files and folders from your Google Drive. If you have a zip file there, the Files app can soon unzip it, without leaving the app. This is of course still work in progress, and behind a flag. To get […] Read More

How To Set Up Pin Unlock On Chromebook


Chrome OS adds new features almost every week. From the recent list of such additions, my favorite is the pin based unlock. This article explains how to set up pin unlock on your Chromebook. Pin unlock makes it easy to unlock your Chromebook, just like it does on your phone. I use a long and […] Read More

Team Drives Integration Comes To Chrome OS


Google recently launched an enterprise friendly feature for Google Drive called "Team Drives". This is being integrated to the Files app of Chrome OS. Google launched Team Drives in March. This is slightly different from your regular drives: Google Team Drives are shared spaces where teams can easily store, search, and access their files anywhere, […] Read More

Samsung Chromebook Plus Is Now $379 Only ($71 Discount)

Samsung Chromebook Plus

If you are in the market for Chromebooks, the Samsung Chromebook Plus is one of the top Chromebooks that you should consider. The ARM powered Chromebook comes with Android apps by default. If you are considering this Chromebook, Amazon has a 16% discount for this Chromebook at the moment. Chromebook Plus Specs If you are […] Read More

Android Nougat Comes to Asus Flip C302, Beta Channel

Chromestory - Android Nougat 7.1.1 Comes To Asus C302

You may have been reading the numerous reports lately that Android 7.1.1 (Nougat) has reached the Samsung Chromebook Plus, on the Canary Channel. You may have read other similar reports that various other devices are receiving the update on the Dev channel. But you may not be aware that some owners of the Asus Flip […] Read More

Chrome Incognito Mode on Android Gets A Design Tweak


Google Chrome on Android is getting a slightly redesigned  Incognito window. It is mostly a color change for now. The new design is currently available behind a flag, Material Design Incognito NTP. Enable this flag, restart Chrome, and you get this. I have added the current design for comparison: The biggest change that you will […] Read More

A New Style Material Design Notification For Chromebooks In The Works


This new flag showed up in Chrome OS Canary Channel couple of days ago, New style notification. The description said: Enables the experiment style of material-design notification #enable-message-center-new-style-notification I turned it on, restarted my Chromebook and waited. For some reason I did not notice any change that day. However, I noticed this different design for notifications […] Read More

Material Design Comes To Chromebook Login Screen and Lock Screen


A recent update to the Chrome OS Canary channel (the bleeding edge, updated daily, but buggy) brings Material Design update to Chrome OS login and lock screens. My Toshiba Chromebooks seems to be on an old build, even though I am on Canary channel. However, according to William Greene, this is currently working in Canary channel […] Read More

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