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Vectr, Free Vector Graphic Design Tool Launches On Chromebooks

If you're like me and you've converted 100% to Chrome OS, then you're always on the lookout for quality web apps that will work on your Chromebook. Vectr is one such quality web app. A free vector graphics design app, Vectr launched in September of 2016 on Product Hunt, and announced their app in the […] Read More

AOPEN Announces Chromebase Mini (Almost a Tablet) and Chromebox Mini (Looks Like A WiFi Router)

AOPEN , a company that makes Chrome OS based digital signage solutions has announced two new devices. One of them is a Chromebase that is almost a Chrome OS tablet. Chromebases are all-in-one computers powered by Chrome OS. Usually they come with a large monitor and an external keyboard plus mouse set. Chromebase Mini from […] Read More

Google Releases New “How To” Videos For Chromebooks

Google has released a new set of Chrome OS How To videos. This to me looks like the beginning of a big marketing push that Google is preparing alongside the stable channel release of Google Play Store for Chrome OS. Watch all of them here! Hope you […] Read More

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