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The Story of Chrome Story

Update: We are now on YouTube too.

Chrome Story was founded in 2009, soon after Google launched Chrome, the browser. Dinsan made Chrome his primary browser from day one and thought it is a good idea to start sharing news about it.

When Google announced Chrome OS and later Chromecast, it was a no-brainer for Dinsan and also for Chrome Story.

Chrome Story currently covers the latest news on Chrome and Chrome OS. We also write how-to articles to help Chrome OS users get things done on their Chromebooks.

The Team

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Dinsan Francis

Founder & Editor

Dinsan has been using Chromebooks for more than 10 years. Chrome Story chronicles his love for Chromebooks and his journey exploring upcoming Chrome OS features.

Dinsan tweets @_dinsan.

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James Welbes


James has been a Chromie ever since 2012, when he accepted a temporary position as a Google Specialist, educating customers about Chromebooks in his local Best Buy. Since then he’s converted his home to 100% Chrome OS and has owned over half a dozen Chrome OS devices over the years.

James tweets @jameswelbes

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32 responses to “About Us”

  1. You should post about dragging tabs side by side. I haven’t seen that in any browser before and it’s really useful.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wn97WbalJwM [via http://chrome.blogspot.com/2009/03/google-chrome-has-new-beta_17.html%5D

    And post about some bookmarklets because it seems Chrome is flirting with this bookmarklets.

    This is what I have

    “Rename this tab…”
    javascript:(function() {document.title=prompt(“Enter Page Title”,document.title);})();

    “Email this page…”

    To change the MailTo client to GMail in Windows XP, (this opens a Chrome app window)
    I opened up explorer
    From the menu select Tools> Options> File Types
    Locate URL:MailTo Protocol
    Click Advanced
    With the ‘open’ action selected, click edit
    Paste this action.
    “C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –app=https://mail.google.com/mail?extsrc=mailto&url=%1

    I don’t know how much weight you have on the Chrome developers but I think there should be an optional AutoFill buton like the Home button and open my history even when I’m not connected to the Internet.

    And I agree with about everything on this suggestion page.

    1. thanks for sharing. I will look in to this 🙂

    2. «“Rename this tab…”
      javascript:(function() {document.title=prompt(“Enter Page Title”,document.title);})();»

      It doesn’t work. Even this way:
      javascript:document.title=prompt(“Enter Page Title”,document.title);

  2. Paul Downing pd1001 Avatar
    Paul Downing pd1001

    As mentioned on twitter.
    I have a problem when trying to use Friendfeed on Chrome.Chrome freezes when I click on a link and whilst this briefly happened with Twitter when I first installed Chrome,it has not happened with anything else.If you have any ideas about how to iron this out i would appreciate it.By the way technically I am on the novice side when it comes to software. 🙂 Thanks for any help you may be able to give.

    1. usually, restarting should fix these kind of issues … hmm since it’s still being developed, the best thing would be report a bug .. which you did 🙂 I will wait for more from you.

  3. Thank you !!

  4. hey ! thanks for the tip ! will keep working hard to bring you the best here !

    and about the forum ..

    I am not getting enough time to manage it 🙁 if few people among you can jump in and engage with the community, it will be fun !

  5. thank you !

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    1. thanks, done !

  7. thanks ! sent u an email

  8. I’ve successfully added web apps to my canary build of google chrome, but aside from the large icons, there is no difference between the apps and the websites they link to. There is still an omni bar and the tab background looks the same (not the short one that I see in all the pictures). What’s the deal??

    1. there is some more things being developed … but, most of them will be like a normal website,

      differences may be, it can be purchased, can have subscriptions etc, and soon, at least on the chrome os, it can access native hardware to increase performance etc ..

      1. Right…but I still have the Omni-bar, and the tabs look the same. Have you tried this on canary?

  9. I love your blog, keep up the great work!

  10. thank you very much 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Where can i download the Os?

    1. download it from hexxeh’s website ! please check out latest blog posts for more info !

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    1. thanks a tonne !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Thanks for the interesting blog! 😉

    I wanted to give you some advice for imporvement:

    1. Please adhere punctuation rules when you write something. Punctuation symbols like “!”, “?”, “:”, “,” should always go immediately after the word. They should not be divided by a space. For example:
    «Lorem ipsum !» — incorrect, «Lorem ipsum!» — correct;
    «Lorem , ipsum ,» — incorrect, «Lorem, ipsum,» — correct;
    «Lorem ( ipsum )» — incorrect, «Lorem (ipsum)» — correct;
    «Lorem ipsum ?» — incorrect, «Lorem ipsum?» — correct;

    If you think that’s not important — you are wrong.

    2. Pleas use more readable fonts for timestamps of your blog posts. Now you use the Lobster face as I understood. In combination with upper case, light gray color and small size it becomes absolutely unreadable.

    Thanks. Hope you’ll understand me right… 🙂

    1. thanks a lot! changing the font now 😀

      1. Oh, yes! I see it now! 🙂

  14. on the canary version of chrome, u can move around the app icons in the new tab page

    1. yep 🙂 its there in the dev version too 😀

  15. In Chrome Canary Build, there is a new about:flags entry. I think this is the mode, which Google used on the All about Chrome Keynote!
    “Compact Navigation
    Adds a “Hide the toolbar” entry to the tabstrip’s context menu. Use this to toggle between always displaying the toolbar (default) and only opening it as a drop down box as needed.”

    I like it!

    1. 2 Updates:
      Chrome Dev Channel is now on 13.x but no entry for changelog is done on chromereleases.blogspot.com
      and in about:flags there is a new entry: “Web-Audio
      Enables the Web-Audio-API”

      1. thanks !I saw that update .. will watch it closely 🙂

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  17. Hello you wrote here https://wordpress.org/support/topic/adsense-unit-cut-off-on-stargazer-theme

    Adsense Unit Cut Off on Stargazer Theme

    I have such theme. How you made it work better.

    1. I am not using Stargazer theme. I switched to Genesis.

  18. Please notify me when you get an app for Chromebook 14 so I can download video from SD cards. The salesperson told me this is possible, and I find it is not. It is terribly inconvenient to have to go to the local library to find a Windows machine to download and then mail videos to myself.

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