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How to Use Google Lens in Chrome

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Google Lens is now available on Google Chrome. In this article, I will show you how to use Google Lens in Chrome.

Google Lens

Google Lens is a powerful search tool that uses images. In regular search, we enter text into Google. With Google Lens, you can use an image or parts of an image to search.

Google Lens Logo
Google Lens Logo

Here is an example. You find a plant in the nearby park and you do not know its name. With Lens, you can click a picture of the plant and Google will tell you its name and more.

Google Lens on Chrome

Google recently added Lens to Chrome. That means you can search using Lens from Chrome without installing any extensions. This includes Google Chrome on your Chromebook.

The desktop version of Lens is integrated with Chrome. You might find unofficial Lens extensions on the Chrome Web Store. I would recommend not installing any of them.

How to Use Google Lens in Chrome

Now that you know what Google Lens is, let me show you how to use Lens on your Chrome browser.

To use Google Lens on Chrome:

  1. Right-click any image.
  2. Choose Search image with Google Lens.Google Lens Chrome
  3. Google Lens results display as a sidebar.Google Lens Results in Chrome
  4. Scroll down to see more results.Open Lens Results in New Tab
  5. To view results in a new tab, click the open icon.

Google Lens for Desktop – Tips

As you can see, using Lens on your desktop computer takes only a couple of clicks. Now, let me share some tips with you.

Additional Search Results

If Lens identifies multiple items on your image, you will see white circles next to them. Click the white circles to view the results for those items.

Google Lens Additional Results
Google Lens Additional Results

Resize The Search Area

If you want Lens to search only a part of the image, you can resize the search radius. To do this, click and drag one of the corners as shown in the following screenshot:

Resize the search area
Resize the search area

With Google Lens on Chrome, you can do three things:

  • Search: Searches Google using the contents of the image.
  • Text: Helps you copy the text on the image, if available.
  • Translate: Helps you translate the contents of the image, if applicable.
Translate and Copy Text Using Lens
Translate and Copy Text Using Lens

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