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Get Twitter’s Old Design Back With This Chrome Extension


Twitter recently introduced their bubbly "Edge" design makeover. As with any other design shifts on this planet, there are unhappy people on the Twitterland too. Here is a Chrome extension that lets you get the old Twitter design back. As the name suggests, this is a debubbler. If the new design has already reached you, simply install […] Read More

Chrome Incognito Mode on Android Gets A Design Tweak


Google Chrome on Android is getting a slightly redesigned  Incognito window. It is mostly a color change for now. The new design is currently available behind a flag, Material Design Incognito NTP. Enable this flag, restart Chrome, and you get this. I have added the current design for comparison: The biggest change that you will […] Read More

Chrome For Android Beta Version 60 Brings Lots of New Stuff


Google Chrome for Android Beta is now at version 60. This new version brings a lot of exciting features to Android users. Here are a few: Remember the new search widget that I told you all about? This has been added to the beta version 60. Now, an interesting fact according to Android Police: this […] Read More

How to Restart Chrome Without Losing Your Open Tabs?


This is a sure shot question that would have come across your mind once in a while. You might have ended up closing all tabs and then restarting the browser from the beginning. But, if you have an option to restart Chrome browser without losing your tabs, wouldn't that be a better choice? Here's how. […] Read More

Pinterest Improves its Visual Search Tool for Chrome


Pinterest incorporated the option of visual search technology for users of Chrome two months back. With this option, users could pinpoint particular objects, products, colors and patterns in an image and get related items and ideas, all in real time. Even though this was an instant hit, the system ended up capturing screenshots of entire browser windows, […] Read More

Google Adds Clarity To “Ad Blocking” Rumors


There has been quite a lot of chatter around a built-in ad-blocking feature coming to Google Chrome. Earlier this week, Google added some clarity to this news with an official announcement. Here is more. The title of the blog post was "Building a better web for everyone". Everyone including users, webmasters and even Google. Google […] Read More

Built-in “Picture In Picture” Coming to Chrome and Chrome OS


A new and interesting flag has showed up in Chrome OS Canary channel. This however is not a Chrome OS only feature. According to the flag description, Picture in picture is coming to Chrome  on  Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS. Picture in picture is a feature that was introduced in TV sets, allowing users […] Read More

From The Folks At Pixlr: The One Chrome Plugin To Rule Them All

Pixlr New Tab Chrome Extension

About six years ago, Pixlr - a popular web based Photoshop-like app - was acquired by Autodesk. About a month ago, 123RF - one of the world’s largest royalty-free digital stock agencies - acquired Pixlr. This made a lot of people wonder about the future of our favorite web-based photo editing app. Some saw it as […] Read More

Google Announces Chrome Enterprise Bundle, And Support For Citrix XenApp


Google this week announced a couple of enterprise friendly features including a new "Enterprise Bundle" for Chrome and support for Citrix XenApp. This comes after the recent announcement of their partnership with VMware for Chrome OS adoption in enterprise. Chrome Enterprise Bundle is a group of enterprise friendly tools that work with Chrome. With Legacy Browser […] Read More

Native Notifications Coming To Chrome For MacOS


Google Chrome for MacOS is getting support for native notifications in upcoming version 59. Chrome for Mac is currently on version 58, and the beta channel is on version 59. If you are using the Beta or the Canary channel, you should already be using this! In coming weeks, when Chrome for Mac hits version 59 […] Read More

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