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  • How to Enable Spell Checker on Google Chrome

    How to Enable Spell Checker on Google Chrome

    Google Chrome has a built-in spell checker. In this article, I will show you how to enable Chrome’s default spell checker. Chrome Spell Checker I am a huge fan of Grammarly. It checks more than just spellings. However, if you need only a spell checker, Chrome has a built-in spell checker. You need not install […]

  • How to Change Google Chrome Language

    Do you want to change the default language on your Chrome browser? In this article, I will show you how to change the language in Google Chrome is displayed. Change Language on Chrome The following steps change the language in which Chrome is displayed (the menu, options, and settings) and not the web content. Note: […]

  • How to View Saved Passwords on Chrome

    Google Chrome offers a convenient way to save your passwords. Chrome can autofill usernames and passwords when you log into websites. However, what if you want to view a password saved on your Google Chrome profile? In this article, I will show you how to access saved passwords on Google Chrome. Access Saved Passwords To […]

  • How to ‘Pin’ a Google Chrome Tab

    You can “pin” frequently used Google Chrome tabs to save space on the Chrome toolbar. When you pin a Chrome tab, it moves to the beginning of the list of the tabs. When you pin a tab, the web site’s name is hidden. Instead, you will see the favicon of the website. This is usually […]

  • How to Turn off Chrome’s ‘Most Visited Sites’ Thumbnails

    Google Chrome lists your most frequently visited websites as thumbnails on the new tab page. You can use these thumbnails to quickly visit these websites. However, if you do not want these thumbnails, you can disable or hide them. There are two different ways to hide the most visited websites’ thumbnails. The first option is […]

  • How to Change Google Chrome Release Channel (Beta or Dev)

    Upcoming Google Chrome features show up on the developer channel first, and later on the beta channel. It is pretty easy to change channels. Remember that Developer builds, and Beta builds might be buggy and may not be suitable for daily use. Do not use any beta/dev channels as your primary browser. Switch Release Channels […]

  • Chrome Offline Installer for Windows 11

    Google Chrome offline installer is used on Windows 11 computers when the regular installer fails. This is a standalone installer file that does not require additional downloads. This article will help you download these files. We have added the official links below. We do not recommend downloading it from third-party sites. Chrome Offline Installer Links […]

  • How to Install Google Chrome on Windows 11

    Looking for a Google Chrome setup file download for Windows 11?. This page has valuable information about downloading, installing, and configuring Google Chrome on Windows operating systems. To download Google Chrome for Windows 11, go to Google Chrome is the world’s favorite browser. Google has an open-source project called Chromium, and Chrome is Chromium + […]

  • Chrome’s Screenshot Tool to Get Emoticons & More

    Google Chrome for Android is about to get a revamped version of its screenshot tool. The project, named Screenshots for Android V2, is clearly a work-in-progress, but I have screenshots from its first iteration. Let me start by telling you about the experimental Chrome flag I spotted today: Screenshots for Android V2: Adds functionality to […]

  • Disable ‘Viewing Live Page’ on Google Chrome

    Is Chrome showing a ‘viewing live page’ notification while visiting websites? Here is what it means and how to turn off this message. ‘Viewing Live Page’ & ‘Preview’ Notifications If you are seeing “Viewing Live Page” or “Preview” on Google Chrome addressbar, do not worry. Your phone is not hacked nor compromised. The message is […]