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Article Suggestions On Chrome’s New Tab Page On Android Can Be Tweaked A Little

I am not sure how serious Google is about experiments on Chrome's new tab page. Things keep happening there, all the time. One of the recent experiments is article suggestions based on your browsing history and web activity. This little feature has a chrome:// url associated with it, something users can use to tweak the […] Read More

Library Extension That Lets You Find the Same Book in Your Local Library as You Browse Online

If you are a book lover and a heavy online shopper for easy and fast delivery, here's some good news. A new extension is in place to show you the availability of the same book in your nearby library - just the same time you are browsing for it online. As you browse books and […] Read More

“Wayback Machine” For Chrome Finds Archived Copies Of Broken Links

Internet Archive is a fun place to be. I love looking at the older versions of Chrome Story. Plenty of theme changes. Hmm. Internet Archive can be pretty useful too. You can look for archived copies of broken links to find missing information. This however two or three mouse clicks. What if your job requires you […] Read More

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