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I am a big fan of downloading videos offline on apps like YouTube and Netflix. I download Netflix movies and YouTube movies when I go on trips where I will not have a good internet connection.

You can now download videos on your computer using Google Chrome, just like your phone. There is now an official download option, letting you store videos for offline use.

Download YouTube Videos

To download a video for offline use, find the video and click the Download button next to the Share button:

Download YouTube Video
Download YouTube Video

You can download videos from a playlist or from the YouTube homepage or search results page.

Click the three-dot menu icon next to any video and select Download.

Download Link
Download Link

The video starts downloading.


Changing Download Quality

To change the download quality or file size for your videos, go to and choose Downloads from the left pane.

Download Settings
Download Settings

From the settings page, you can:

  • Change the download quality
  • Turn on smart downloads to automatically download recommended videos
  • Delete all downloaded videos.
Download Settings
Download Settings

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5 responses to “How to Download YouTube Videos on Chrome”

  1. Very good to know .
    Thank you ,

  2. Harry W Forbes Avatar

    I believe you need to subscribe to YouTube Premium for this to work?

    1. Well, it is not showing an error message, and on mobile it works without premium? I’ll double-check this, thank you!

  3. Harry W Forbes Avatar

    I can’t download from my YouTube app on iPhone without a premium subscription.

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