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Google is working on a new battery saver mode for Chrome. In this article, I will show you how to enable battery saver mode on Google Chrome.

Enable Battery Saver Mode

Battery saver mode is currently an experimental feature. It might take a while before it is available as a regular feature. For now, enable the following flag to test this feature:

Enable the battery saver mode feature in the settings: When enabled, shows the battery section in the performance settings page – Mac, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, Fuchsia, Lacros.

Enable the flag, restart Google Chrome and then complete the following steps:

  1. Click the three-dots settings menu.Chome Three Dots Settings Icon
  2. Choose Settings.
    Settings in Chrome Menu
  3. Select Performance from the left pane.
    Performance in Chrome Menu
  4. Click and enable the Battery Saver toggle.Chrome Battery Saver Mode

I hope you found this tutorial useful. Did this Chrome feature help you reduce Chrome’s battery usage? Let me know in the comments below.

5 responses to “How to Enable Chrome Battery Saver Mode ”

  1. On enabling the mentioned flag and restarting the machine, I could see the Performance tab on the left in Chrome for beta. However, on clicking Performance tab I don’t see any options. Its a blank page.
    Unable to paste the screenshot.

  2. Enabled the above mentioned flag, relaunched it and restarted the machine. The Performance tab is seen in Settings in Chrome for Beta but on clicking the Performance tab, not able to see any options. It’s a blank page.
    Unable to attach screenshot.

    1. Try the same page when Beta updates the next time. It happened like this for me as well, they first added the page and then the functionality.

  3. There is no performance setting on my chromebook. Where do i go instead

  4. It worked, Thank You

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