How to Turn Off Live Caption on Google Chrome

Google Chrome now offers Live Caption for media. You will see auto-generated captions when you play audio or video using Chrome. This article explains how to turn off or disable Live Caption on Chrome.

How to Turn Off Live Caption on Google Chrome – Video Tutorial

Disable turn off live caption On Chrome

The easiest way to disable caption on Chrome is to click the toggle from the media control menu. Allow me to explain.

Live Caption Toggle

The global media control menu on Chrome now has a caption toggle. To disable the live caption, I had to click the toggle.

In my case, the caption was enabled by default. Therefore, it may not be the final setting when Google launches this feature on the Stable channel. However, if you find caption enabled on Google Chrome and want a way to disable it quickly, you now know where to look.

To disable caption from Chrome settings:

  1. Open Chrome Settings or go to chrome://settings
  2. Click Advanced > Accessibility
  3. Click the Live Caption toggle to off position.
Disable Live Caption on Google Chrome

On Android

To turn off caption on Android:

Press the volume button. Select the live caption toggle when the volume slider appears to enable or disable it.

Disable Live Caption on Android

Note: This will disable/enable live caption for all applications on your phone.

What is Live Caption?

Live caption is a Google feature that transcribes audio in real-time. You can even mute a video or audio and still see the transcript on the screen. It was first featured on Android 10. It later made its way into Google Chrome. Here is a short video from Google explaining what it can do.

I hope you found this tutorial useful. If you have any questions related to captioning or any other Google Chrome feature, let me know in the comments section below and we can discuss it further.

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  1. Thank you so much!! I run beta, and I was having serious issues with using chat in an app window and hulu in separate tab. The live captioning would be x’d out, but each new epi, it would reload. It would cause the focus of chat (typing) to go to the hulu window. It seemed to be triggered by reload of the caption window. Made that along with any other program hard to use. This LEGIT saved me today.

    1. Glad to know that!

  2. Thank you very much. I had been buggering about with the window’s settings and getting nowhere. You fix was excellent – Jim (71 going on 13).

  3. I really appreciate this video. I could not find anything on YouTube about removing that annoying black box on their videos. Good to know it is there for the people who need it though. Thank you for your help in this matter.

  4. This live captioning which pops up over and over and over is beyond annoying and it says the exact same thing every time.

    1. It was driving me crazy also in chrome! I have Foxfire also and guess what when I went to YouTube and played a video NO CAPTION BOX OPENED UP!!! So so so happy. Hope this helps you like it did me.:)

  5. I’ve looked everywhere for how to turn off the captions. I wondered where they came from. Thank you very much for this post. However, I praise Father God that I don’t need the captions.

  6. I disabled but it keeps enabling itself every time I click a video. Hate this damn thing. Chrome keeps installing/enabling things that slow me waaaay down. About ready to leave Chrome.

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