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How to Set Homepage in Chrome

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Google Chrome Homepage is the page that opens when you click the home icon on the address bar. You can set your homepage from Chrome Settings > Appearance.

What is ‘Homepage’

The homepage is what appears when you click the home icon on the address bar. This is not the same as your New Tab Page. You can, however, make this same as the New Tab Page.

Enable Home Page Icon

To set Google Chrome homepage, you must first enable this feature. You can do this by displaying the Home icon on the addressbar.

Chrome Home Icon
Chrome Home Icon

To enable this icon:

  1. Open Chrome Settings.
  2. Under Appearance, enable “ShowShow Home Button

Now that you have enabled the Home button, you can set a homepage.

Set Homepage

You have two options here.

The first option is to show the contents of your New Tab Page when you click the Home button.

The second option is to set a URL of your choice to be your homepage.

You can do this from Settings > Appearance page. (chrome://settings/appearance)

Chrome - Set Homepage
Chrome – Set Homepage

If you choose to show a custom URL, select the second option, and enter the URL. For example, your company’s website or your reading list?.

Set Homepage on Chrome for Android

You can show or hide the home icon on Android as well. To do this, open Settings > Advanced > Homepage.

Chrome for Android - Settings
Enable Home Button

On the same screen, you can choose to display:

  • Chrome’s homepage or
  • Enter a custom URL (for example, your company’s website or google.com)
Chrome for Android - Enter custom URL for homepage

So, what’s your Chrome’s homepage set to? Let me know in the comments section.

Make Google.com Your Homepage

You can use the custom URL option explained in the previous section to make Google.com your homepage.

Go to Settings > Appearance page. (or open chrome://settings/appearance in a new tab) and enter a https://www.google.com/ in the URL field as shown in the following example:

Google.com as Chrome Homepage
Google.com as Chrome Homepage

To test, try clicking the Home button. You should now see googe.com opening.

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