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How to View Your Saved Credit Card Numbers in Chrome

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Google Chrome’s autofill feature helps you store passwords, addresses, and more. You can save your credit card numbers for fast online checkout. This article shows you how to check saved credit card numbers on your Google Chrome browser.

View Saved Credit Card Numbers in Google Chrome

To view saved credit card numbers:

  1. Click the three-dot settings icon.Chome Three Dots Settings Icon
  2. Choose Settings.Settings from Three-dots Menu
  3. From the left pane, select Autofill.Autofill Chrome Settings
  4. On the Autofill page, select Payment Methods.Chrome Payment Methods
  5. Your saved credit cards appear under Payment methods.Saved Credit Cards on Chrome

If you have saved credit cards in Chrome but later disabled payment method autofill (automatically filling in credit card numbers similar to passwords), saved credit cards may not appear.

Switch the Save and fill payment methods toggle on temporarily to view saved cards.

Save and fill credit cards
Save and fill out credit cards

Now that you know where to look for saved credit cards, you can add, edit, or remove saved cards.

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  1. was not helpful – none of the above actually get you to view your saved credit card number.

  2. Tracey craig Avatar
    Tracey craig

    I’m looking for my own debit card info.

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