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Copy-pasting is a basic action on any computer. In this article, I will show you how to copy-paste using Chrome OS.

How to Copy-Paste on a Chromebook – Video

Keyboard Shortcuts

Your usual keyboard shortcuts work on a Chromebook too.

  • Use CTRL + C to copy.
  • Use CTRL + V to paste.
  • Use CTRL + SHIFT + V to paste without formatting (plain text).

Using Mouse/Trackpad

Do you select some text and then right-click to copy it on your PC or Mac? You can do this on your Chromebook too.

To right-click, tap the trackpad using two fingers. Now choose copy or paste to complete your action.

Copy paste on a Chromebook
Copy and paste on a Chromebook.

Clipboard Manager – Remember Copied Items

Your Chromebook has a clipboard manager that can remember up to five recently copied items. You can access this using the following keyboard shortcut:


Clipboard Manager
Clipboard Manager

Now select the item you want to paste and you are good to go.

Copy-pasting images

You can take screenshots on your Chromebook and directly paste them into your email, online documents or WhatsApp, etc. You don’t need any additional apps or extensions to do that.

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4 responses to “How to Copy and Paste on a Chromebook”

  1. You can also use ‘Launcher + V’ to open your clipboard history and paste from up to 5 stored items, very handy.

    1. I forgot that part, thanks, I’ll update the article.

  2. Sorry, I just don’t get it with my Asus Chromebook. Cut is fine, paste with a click on a mouse is missing.

    1. Can you please share a screenshot?

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