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Change Chromebook Camera Settings and Resolution

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Most of the Chromebooks have one front-facing Camera. Some devices, like the Pixel Slate, might have a back-facing camera too, like other tablets in the market.

Changing Camera Resolution

If your Chromebook or Chrome OS tablet has two cameras, you will be able to change the resolution for both of them separately. Here is how you can do this.

Open the camera app and click the Gear icon on the top-left-corner:

Next, look for the camera resolutions:

You will see options to select photo and video resolutions. If you have two cameras, you will see four resolution options in total.

The available resolution depends on the camera on your Chromebook or Chrome OS tablet.

Chromebook Camera Settings

Now that you know how to change the resolution of Chromebook camera, let us explore other camera settings.

Chromebook Camera App
Chromebook Camera App

To access camera settings, click the gear icon on the left.

Chromebook Camera App Settings (Gear Icon)
Chromebook Camera App Settings (Gear Icon)

Apart from camera resolution, you have the following settings:

Grid Type

You can choose from the following three options:

  • 3 x 3
  • 4 x 4
  • Golden ratio

Use the radio button next to each option to select it.

Chromebook Camera Grid Type
Chromebook Camera Grid Type

Timer Duration

You can set a timer on Chromebook camera. For example, the camera can take a picture three seconds after you click the trigger.

Click Timer duration and select from the following two options:

  • 3 seconds
  • 10 seconds
Chromebook Camera Timer
Chromebook Camera Timer

You also have an option to send feedback regarding the camera app and also access help articles.


Mirroring is used to flip the image left or right while taking a photo. If you find your photos looking like a mirror image, this will help.

Click the mirroring icon to give this a try.

Chromebook Camera Mirroring
Chromebook Camera Mirroring

Enable or Disable Grid

You can enable or disable the grid using the grid icon. The grid helps you frame your photos better.

Chromebook Camera Grid
Chromebook Camera Grid

Start a Timer

Want a timer before the camera takes the picture? Click the timer icon.

Chromebook Camera Timer
Chromebook Camera Timer

Chromebook Camera Taking Blurry Pictures?

If your Chromebook’s camera is taking blurry pictures, try the following:

  • Check if the camera has any protective film around it. Most Chromebooks come with plastic sheets to protect camera. Have you removed it?
  • Is the camera zoomed in? If yes, try reducing the zoom level and take a picture.

Did this make pictures from your Chromebook camera and picture quality better?


Hope you found this useful. Questions? Drop in a comment.

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