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How to Enable Side Tabs on Google Chrome

Would like to have tabs on left side, on Google Chrome ? Well, you can do that, with a small line of code as of now, and probably without it soon when its added to the browser.

Right Click on the Chrome icon on your Desktop
Select “Properties”
In “Target” box, add the following line of code at the end

Restart chrome.
Right click on any tab, and select “Use Side Tabs”

Now you have all your tabs on the sidebar, right click on the tab again and uncheck “Use Side Tabs” to bring your tabs back to the default style, in case you did not like it 😉

ps: Thanks 1PAEz, for this tip !! for quite sometime now, we have many blog posts that came as tips from readers, guest posts by readers etc, thanks for all your love people !!!!

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  1. Can it be done on the Mac?

    1. should be, but I do not have access to a Mac machine to try it, sorry .. will let you know if I find the answer !

    2. Go into Terminal and use this command:

      /Applications/Google Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/Google Chrome –enable-vertical-tabs

      1. thank you !

      2. Thanks so much for that.

        1. you are welcome !

  2. This doesn’t *quite* work on v5.0.375.86 Beta 😛


    1. well, its a feature under development, lets hope to get things fixed soon,

      try changing the theme to default, and see if it fixes that non-alignment issue ?

  3. Would be cool if it worked on Linux as well. Currently it doesn’t as far as I can tell (version 6.0.453.1).

    1. hopefully it will be added soon !

  4. you need to enable it from the about:flags page

    1. yes, but next version should have it, I hope .. in stable !

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