1. yes, saw that .. ( was waiting for it .. sssh !!! )

  1. I hope this test pilot program hits the UK and not US ;-)

      1. Guest

        And the Netherlands too please !!

        1. yeah, Netherlands!
          maybe some arrangement with ChromeStory readers ;) and our writer too of course @Dinu

          1. LOL .. I wish someone gives me one piece for free, for review or some promotion :D

          2. Ask people for donations (via PayPal?). Something like “Want to see more reviews of Google Products. Click the “donate” button below”

  2. Well, it’s only fair. I received an email saying I was invited to the program, then was told it was US only!!

    1. thanks for that link ! I just saw one bug that says “seaboard with clamshell” :)

        1. hey ! welcome aboard :D hmm, you English is not bad at all ! :D

          will keep an eye on your blog too ;)

    1. I have seen many WP plugins do it! And at the end of the day, it is always the users decision if they wish to part with their money ;-)

      1. btw, I can’t take paypal money to my bank account here in India now .. I am ok to invest a $300 more .. with hopes that some day adsense will pay me back ..

        1. Well there goes that idea, let’s hope you earn money from the ads.
          I thought they sent cheques out every 1 month?

  3. Harvey

    3. 2MB of SPI storage – ( whatever that means — )

    The SPI is probably where the boot loader code resides. The fact they called out 2MB leads me to believe they have more boot loader code than a normal tablet. This would be consistent with other Chrome OS platforms that also have more BIOS code than normal netbooks or notebooks.

  4. Hi do you have some news about “seaboard” ? I’m french and your blog is very interesting for me !!!

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