Google’s Own “Seaboard” – A Tegra 2 Powered Chrome OS Touch Device

chromebook  Googles Own Seaboard   A Tegra 2 Powered Chrome OS Touch Device

Chrome OS Seaboard

Google is testing a new Touch UI for Chrome OS. This is not a secret these days. I saw some bug fixing even today, on this touch UI. But where are they testing this new touch UI ? There should be a touch enabled device right ? a tablet ? or a netbook with touch screen ?

Chrome for Windows 8!

Yes, there is one such device, and they call it “Seaboard” ( and there are more devices click here to read )

After reading about the ZGB device from Acer, I spent few hours reading a lot of Chromium bugs and found this device being mentioned in a lot of bugs. Oh, remember that Cr48 was called “Mario” internally ? Seaboard sounds like a similar code name.

Hardware Specs

I couldn’t get much info about this, but here is what I found.

1. Tegra 2 Processor from Nvidia
2.  Atmel MXT Touch Screen
3.  2MB of SPI storage –  ( whatever that means — )
4.  DRAM:  1 GiB
5. Two USB Ports

Is This a Tablet or Netbook With Touch Interface ?

I’m 100% sure that this device is touch. But is this a tablet ? I couldn’t confirm that. May be some of you may be able to read the code better and interpret. Why am I confused if its a tablet or a netbook with touch ? Here is some info from those bugs I read.

know we only have the traditional models, no clamshells” one bug says. Netbook with a keyboard should be a clamshell right ? So, that sounds like a tablet.

What steps will reproduce the problem?1. Start seaboard.2. Press ctrl+alt+f2” does that sound like a netbook with keyboard or a tablet ? ( with a keyboard connected for development purpose ?or may be on screen keyboard ?)

Here is another “suspend (flip lid switch)6. wait until backlight is out7. resume (flip lid switch)” that’s a method to test  bug. Flip lid switch ? sounds like a tablet ?

I’m still looking for more info on this. If you find something cool, please drop a comment !! Oh, and if you want to dig deeper in to this code base, click here.

ps: Those few hours I spent researching on these devices have given me some more good stuff. Will post them soon !!

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