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Thanks for visiting and showing interest in knowing more about me. Using Google Chrome ? Okay, we have to talk :)

How would you like to use Chrome ? The ordinary way or the smart way ? As a normal user or as a Power user ? I already know your answer, and that is why I work hard on this blog …..

I will help you use Google Chrome as a power user. You will get to know about upcoming features of Google Chrome well before it is released to the general public. You will be playing with latest extensions and sexiest themes ! You will become the Chrome expert who will be helping your friends with Google Chrome tips and tricks !

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I am obsessed with blogging. I spend most of my day online browsing, tweeting and Blogging. I use Chrome and Chromium 100% of the time. ( of course I have a regular job too, blogging is just my hobby, but I take it a bit seriously;) )

What is Google Chrome : The Browser and OS

Google chrome was announced initially as a browser, a fast, and elegant browser. Later, Google revealed their plans for developing a complete operating system named Google Chrome, for netbooks initially, and then for laptops and desktops. It will be based on the Linux kernal. will serve as your source for everything about Google Chrome browser and the OS … you can expect news, reviews, features, help articles, tutorials and much more …

My Chromebooks

The first Chromebook I owned was a used Cr48. I posted a lot more about Chromebooks after I got this one. Later I upgraded to a Series 5 550 3G, mostly because I wanted to preserve my Cr48 in working condition :)

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