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Google Chrome ? What is it ?

If you do not know it yet, Google Chrome is a Web Browser developed by the team at Google. It is based on the Chromium open source browser project. At present, Google has only the windows version of Chrome released and they are working on the Mac and Linux versions of it.

I use browsers all the time, like everyone else and I use many of them and that made me compare Google Chrome with other browsers. This blog, is the result of that observation that I have been doing , experiments, and researches I did about Google Chrome, while trying to know more about it.

Right now, I use Google Chrome for all my personal browsing, ( for work, I still use Firefox because of various addon features that makes my work easy, and addons are not yet added to Google Chrome ). Why ? How ? I will answer these questions here.

If you are new to Google Chrome, Subscribe to this blog, and I will help you learn the secrets of Google Chrome and help you make the best out of it. If you are already using Google Chrome, let us dig deep inside it and figure out better ways of browsing with Google chrome and share it with others.

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