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What’s Eating Battery on Your Chromebook?

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Do you find your Chromebook consuming more battery than you expected it to? Chrome does show you reports on the remaining battery available and an estimate of battery life, but does not contain detailed information on battery usage as you find in Android. If your Chromebook is not giving the expected 9 to 11 hours of battery check […] Read More

How To Change Password On A Chromebook


How do you change the password on a Chromebook? Here is a quick guide to help you with password management on a Chromebook. Your Chromebook account uses the same password as your Google account. So, to change your Chromebook's password, you need to change your Google account password. If you need help resetting your Google […] Read More

How To Change Default Apps On Chromebook


How do you open a file using a different app instead of the default app on a Chromebook? Here is a quick guide to help you with just that! Just like any other operating system, Chrome OS also has the option to change the default app that you use for different file types. This feature […] Read More

How To Change Screen Brightness a Chromebook?


How do you change the display brightness of your Chromebook? It is pretty simple. Chromebooks have dedicated keys for this. Look for the brightness keys on your top row of function keys. You should see the following keys for increasing and reducing the screen brightness: If you are using a non-Chromebook keyboard, like an external […] Read More

Headphones Not Working On Chromebook


Here is the basic troubleshooting steps that you can follow if you are unable to use headphones / earphones with your Chromebook. Headphones should work with any Chromebook (or Chrome OS device that has the 3.5 mm port) without any configuration. It is supposed to be a simple plug-and-play like any other operating system. However, […] Read More

A New Chromebook, C301SA Shows Up On Asus Website


A new Chromebook has been spotted on Asus website. There aren't any exciting things to write home about, but this Chromebook gets a few things right. This one definitely has some colors. Here are some pictures from the Asus product page. Design? I liked it. It follows up on the design and style of previous Asus […] Read More

HP Printer Owners; Print From Your Chromebook Without Google Cloud Print


Printing has always been a thorn in the side of the Chromebook Movement. In order to achieve the amount of security and speed that Chromebooks boast, sacrifices needed to be made. One such sacrifice is the ability to install software/drivers. This means that you can't print from a Chromebook using the traditional method, because traditionally printing […] Read More

Gold Chromebook 14 Spotted on Acer’s Website


No kidding! Gold colored Chromebook 14 has showed up on Acer's website. CB3-431-C6ZB, is priced $ 349.99, same as its silver color variant. If you have friends still skeptical about Chromebooks, those who wonder why someone will pay top dollars for a glorified web browser, send this link! CB3-431-C6ZB, spotted by Redditor VictoryGoth comes in gold color but everything […] Read More

Can We Please Stop Calling Chrome A ‘Web Browser’?


The Chrome web browser is a memory hog. I get it. We all get it. We've all seen the memes, and nobody's denying it. But using a lot of RAM isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's only bad if it's wasting the RAM by not doing anything important. It's like a Shelby Mustang GT. Sure, […] Read More

Google Play For Chromebooks Graduates to Beta Channel


Google Play Store for Chrome OS has graduated to the Beta channel of Chrome OS. The number of devices that this is available is still limited to the initial three. The big news that we all are waiting for is Android apps coming to all Chromebooks. We do not know when that is going to […] Read More

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