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How To Add More Storage To Your Chromebook


Chromebooks are designed for a cloud first life. This works in most cases. For those occasions where you need some additional storage onboard, there are some workarounds. There was this Acer Chromebook with a traditional hard drive that came with 320 GB space. Almost all the other Chromebooks with 16 to 32 GB SSD storage. Google also […] Read More

Sound Not Working On Your Chromebook? Read This.


Chromebooks are a solid machine. The operating system is simple to use, bloatware-free, secure and fast. Many Chromebooks are very affordable, and there are even some high-end devices for those with expensive taste. But even Chromebooks have their issues from time to time. Something we see semi-regularly on the Google Product Forum is issues with […] Read More

Black Friday Chromebook Deals – 2016

Acer R11

The biggest shopping day of the season is here! If you are in the market for a new Chromebook, this is a great chance get get even lower prices than normal on a ChromeOS device! Here is a quick roundup on Black Friday Chromebook Deals. Note: We are planning to keep this article updated through this […] Read More

Chromebooks To Get Google Assistant?


I am happily jumping the rumor wagon with our friends over at Chrome Unboxed. They have found a Chromium OS code commit that could possibly be related go Google Assistant. This bit of code, headed towards the Samsung Chromebook Pro, talks about "Wake on voice". This could very well be the OK Google hot-word that we […] Read More

More Than 20 Million Students Now Use Chromebooks


According to an official blog post from Google, more than 20 million students are now using Chromebooks in schools. Google has always promoted Chromebooks among their education customers, schools and colleges. There have been even instances where school districts sold their iPads and bought Chromebooks instead. Google however does not generally share details about how […] Read More

New Convertible Asus Chromebook Leaks – Is This The Flip 2?


Just like Samsung,  Asus is also busy making some interesting stuff for Chromebook users, especially those who are planning to join the crowd when Android apps become available to everyone. Notebook Italia has unearthed details of a convertible Asus Chromebook powered by Intel Core m3-6Y30 Skylake processor. From the photographs available, we can see a micro SD […] Read More

The Chromebook Pro is here. Well almost.


Not long ago, a Google Opinion Rewards survey was sent out that had a very intriguing question. The question was this: "How would you think a Chromebook Pro is different than a Chromebook?" This was the first time we had heard the term "Chromebook Pro", and it was the last, until now. For about 3 […] Read More

Typing Emoji on a Chromebook Just Got Easier


Emojis have become a part of our daily conversations online. Every statement is supported by an emoticon- to express an emotion and sometimes not to express it. On a Chromebook, adding emojis were not that easy till now. Users had to resort to browser extensions and other websites to add a particular emoji they choose. […] Read More

Chromebook Pixel 2 Gets Google Play on Stable Channel


Google has finally released a stable channel update to Chrome OS that adds Google Play Store to the 2015 Pixel Chromebook. If you are a Pixel 2 owner, go ahead and update your Chromebook, restart it and look for the Play Store icon in your app launcher. If you are already on Beta or Dev […] Read More

Rumor Says Next Pixel Laptop Will Run The New “Andromeda” OS


Did you notice that I did not say Pixel Chromebook, but used "Pixel Laptop" instead? Yea, if the rumors are true, the new Pixel will run yet another OS, the new (again, rumored) Andromeda operating system. Should I register ? The entire web is busy discussing what Google is planning for their October 4th […] Read More

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