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7 Compromises Google Made, To Put Chrome on iPhone and iPad

Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad is here. But as you all know by now, it is not the complete Chrome experience on iOS. There are many compromises (platform limitations, as Google calls it)  that Google had to make to bring Chrome to iOS. Let's take a look at 7 of them. Google Chrome uses V8 Javascript […] Read More

Open Links from Mobile Safari on Chrome – iPhone & iPad Trick

You can download and install Chrome for iOS on your iPhone or iPad. But you can not make it your default browser unless your have jailbroken your device. If your device is jailbroken, here is a method to make Chrome default browser on iOS. Here is a trick that will help user who does not have […] Read More

Is Chrome Slower Than Safari on iPhone? What This Video!

I've been reading articles about Chrome's performance on iPhone and iPad. Since Chrome can  not use the same javascript engine as Safari. It is relying on an older engine which is obviously slower. I also saw many blog posts where people were loving Chrome for all the other features especially the seamless Chromesync from all your devices. […] Read More

Google Chrome Will Support “Do Not Track” Soon

Meet the new security feature coming to Chrome, "Do Not Track" It is already available for Firefox, IE and Safari. Google will ad this feature to Chrome by end of the year. Well, it does pretty much the same thing as what the name says. Here is the official description of this initiative. provides guidelines on […] Read More

Chrome Survives Pwn2Own – Again !

Chrome has survived the annual Pwn2Own hacking match, again. This is the third win for Google Chrome and no one even tried for the $20000 Google offered for successful hack. So, officially, Chrome is the most secure browser again. On Wednesday, researchers successfully exploited Safari and Internet Explorer. A team from French security company Vupen took down […] Read More

How to Add Chrome OS menu to Google Chrome Browser – Easy and Simple !

How to Uninstall Webapps on Google Chrome OS Forget Everything Else - Read this now ! Remember this post and this post about changing Chrome browser in to Chrome OS in just two clicks ? And yes, that page stopped working as soon as people started using it. But, we have found a save fix, […] Read More

Google Chrome for Mac – Tough times for Safari ?

When Google Chrome is released for Apple's Mac computers and Laptops, Safari's browser market share will be hit ... don't you think so ? Why people spend so much on their Mac, when they can get a normal PC at a much lower price ? Perfomance, Brand , etc etc ... ok agreed.. but a […] Read More