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How To Take Screenshot On a Chromebook

Here is a quick tutorial on how to take screenshots or print screen from a Chromebook. I will teach you a couple of keyboard shortcuts to take screenshots and also tell you where to look for those screenshot images, and how those files are named. There are extensions available for you to take screenshots of web […] Read More

Use Chrome’s Kiosk Mode for Guest Browsing

Remember Kiosk mode of Google Chrome and Chrome OS? It is a feature supposedly for enterprises, but you can put this to another use on your computer. By enabling kiosk mode and creating a secondary user profile, you can provide a guest with a full-screen browser devoid of any of your personal data. I am not […] Read More

Type mailto: on Chrome Omnibox To Open Email Compose Window, Gmail or Outlook

This one was a big surprise for me. I typed in mailto: on Chrome's addressbar and it opened an email compose window. It opened a new Outlook email when I tried it at work. When I tried it on my Chromebook, it opened the Gmail compose window because Gmail is my default email provider on […] Read More

Chrome OS Gets A Virtual Keyboard and Docked Mode

The latest development channel update brought in two new features to Chrome OS. An onscreen virtual keyboard and a Docked mode. Mentions of a virtual keyboard started showing up on Chrome OS code last week or so. This is finally here, available for us to play around with. It is of course still work in progress but […] Read More

Google Announces Kiosk Mode in Chrome OS For Enterprises

I have told you this story once, but I think it is worth saying again on this post. My bank keeps a windows PC in every branch for customers to login to their online accounts. I have used it couple of times to check my account number (ha! I remember only the customer ID which […] Read More

Chrome OS Files App and Google Drive Gets Some Love – Works Way Better Now!

The Files app and Google Drive integrated with it got some redesign love with the latest Developer Channel  update. It is actually the Google Drive part of the Files app that got the best of it. Here is a quick walk through. First up, a tiny little icon to tell you when Google Drive is […] Read More

How To Stop Chromebook From Grouping Windows Per Application

Between Harold Rivner's questions and Trevor Howard's answers on Google Plus the other day, I learned a very useful tip the other day. It is possible to stop Chrome OS from grouping tabs per application, on the taskbar. Similar to what Windows does on your PC, Chrome OS also groups tabs from same application on the taskbar. […] Read More

Native Messaging Extension API on Chrome Lets Extensions Open Your Windows Apps

Here is an interesting API for Chrome extensions, in the making. This API allows extensions to communicates with applications installed on your computer. As François Beaufort has shown in his example, you can write extensions to open Windows Calculator or Microsoft Word. François Beaufort believes that the Chrome team will integrate this with the Chrome Remote Desktop extension. […] Read More

Chrome Gets BitTorrent Client As Extension

Chrome now has an official (but early alpha) extension from BitTorrent which lets you discover and download torrents directly in your browser. BitTorrent has been the best way to move media and other data for over a decade.  With BitTorrent Surf, you get all the power of BitTorrent without ever leaving your browser.  And thanks […] Read More

Google Chrome Beta Channel Arrives for Android Phones and Tablets

Do you use Chrome beta or dev version on your PC or Chromebook? Would you like to try out beta version of Chrome on Android phone/tablet? Now you can! Starting today, you can install Chrome Beta channel for phones and tablets on Android 4.0+ from Google Play. This release includes some of the biggest developer updates […] Read More

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