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There Won’t Be a “Pixel 2”, Confirms Google

Shutting down the rumor mill about a Pixel 2, PC World reports: While the new Chromebooks are expected to be flagship products for their respective brands, don’t expect a repeat of the Chromebook Pixel; that product, which paired an Intel “Ivy Bridge” Core processor with an incredible 2560-by-1700 pixel touch display, was a “prototype” to […] Read More

I Want To Be In Your Circle (on Google Plus!)

Going a little off-topic today. Can we meet, greet and talk a little more? My social network of choice? Google Plus! I spend a lot of time on Google Plus every day. I share/discuss mostly Chrome and other Google products, but occasionally, I share some random funny stuff. Here is my profile, you can follow from […] Read More

Speed Up Google Plus By Loading WebP Images on Chrome

This post is about speeding up Google Plus on Chrome. This post is also about a new Chrome API, and also about an extension that uses this API. Let us get started. Use the chrome.declarativeWebRequest API to intercept, block, or modify requests in-flight. It is significantly faster than thechrome.webRequest API because you can register rules that are evaluated in […] Read More

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