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Change Font of Any Website You Visit with this Chrome Extension

A little fancy stuff today guys. "Font Changer with Google Web Fonts™" is a Chrome extension that lets you change font of any website you visit, with couple of mouse clicks. You can either use a font for all websites you visit, or set up custom fonts for different websites. And the list of fonts […] Read More

Onefeed Puts a RSS & Social Feed Reader on your New Tab Page

Occasionally people (mostly kids, when I visit friends and family) take a look at the list of apps on my phone and then ask me this question. "You don't have any games?" No I don't. I fill up my phone and tab with reading apps. I do no games. I love Flipboard and Feedly. I spend […] Read More

SimpleExtManager Allows You To Create Extensions Groups To Manage Them Easily

There are two types in our long list of installed extensions. Extensions that we use through out browsing sessions, and extensions that we use only during specific times, say, work or research etc. For me, there is Pocket extension that I want to run always in the background. Whenever I find an interesting article that […] Read More

Chrome Story Now On Google Currents

I have created a Google Currents edition of Chrome Story. If you use Google Currents, you can get it here. I have just pushed the rss feed there. There is a lot more to do to make it look good, I think? If you use Google Currents, take a look and let me know what […] Read More

Chrome OS Survives Pwn2Own, But Chrome Fails

Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox all fell to hackers during the annual Pwn2Own event this time. But good news is, Chrome OS survived. U.K.-based security firm MWR Labs cracked Chrome and also gained full control of the operating system, this time Windows 7. It also “demonstrated a full sandbox bypass exploit.” The company explained in a blog post that […] Read More

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