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Chromebook Pixel 2 Gets Google Play on Stable Channel

Google has finally released a stable channel update to Chrome OS that adds Google Play Store to the 2015 Pixel Chromebook. If you are a Pixel 2 owner, go ahead and update your Chromebook, restart it and look for the Play Store icon in your app launcher. If you are already on Beta or Dev […] Read More

There Won’t Be a “Pixel 2”, Confirms Google

Shutting down the rumor mill about a Pixel 2, PC World reports: While the new Chromebooks are expected to be flagship products for their respective brands, don’t expect a repeat of the Chromebook Pixel; that product, which paired an Intel “Ivy Bridge” Core processor with an incredible 2560-by-1700 pixel touch display, was a “prototype” to […] Read More

Google+ Photos App Now Available for all Chromebooks

The Google Plus photos app was launched initially only for Chromebook Pixel. Google announced today that it is now available for all Chromebooks.You can install it directly from the Chrome Web Store here. Here is the official announcement from Google: Keeping hundreds or thousands of photos backed up and organized can be a challenge. We wanted […] Read More

Music Player for Google Drive #extension

Got 100 GB free on Google Drive with your Chromebook? Or even better, 1 TB with your Chromebook Pixel? Here is an extension that you should try out. Music Player for Google Drive. You can store your music files on Google Drive. But that is just cloud storage. You do not have any easy way of […] Read More

Google+ Photos App for Pixel is Here. Can Install On Any Chromebook

Google released the Google+ Photos native app for Chromebook Pixel as promised (and shown off) during Google I/O 2013. But the good news is, it can be installed on any Chromebook! ( Thank you OMG Chrome!) Since this is a native app, it works offline by default. Here is the official description: "Google+ Photos lets […] Read More

Fun stuff – Chrome Logo Coffee Design and The Chromebook Pixel Lightbar Musical

I have some fun stuff for you all toady. First up is a coffee art with Chrome logo. Shared by Rich Kiker Next up is a cool hack on a Chromebook pixel, making its light bar dance! Here is the video This is by Asier Arranz "I have created a gateway to connect the Leap Motion to the […] Read More

Here is How You Can Play With Chromebook Pixel’s Lightbar. Your Apps Can Control it in Future

Stephen Erickson shared this very interesting info on Google Plus today. You can actually control the lightbar of your Chromebook pixel if you are on developer mode (Not developer channel of Chrome OS) The lightbar can be controlled using a tool named "ectool" which you can access by going to Chrome OS shell (ctrl + alt […] Read More

Google Love Their Notification Lights, It’s Cool and Useful

Googlers love their notifications. They sure do. They put on on the Nexus One, and one on the latest Nexus phone, the LG Nexus 4. They put one on the Chromebook Pixel, and told us that they did so just because "it is cool". Now they have put something similar (not entirely though!) on Chrome, […] Read More

Lenovo Chromebook Is Getting The 100 GB Drive Storage Offer

Good news for those who own a Lenovo Chromebook. In a few weeks, an update to Chrome OS will add the Lenovo Chromebook to the list of devices eligible for 100GB Google Drive space offer for two years. François Beaufort found this comment in the Chromium Code base recently. This patch removes Stout from a list […] Read More

Konami Code Easter egg on Google’s Chromebook Pixel

Folks at Wired has found an Easter egg on the Chromebook Pixel they got. Here is the full description from their post: At least one person on the Chromebook Pixel team is a big-time videogame nerd, and we love him (or her) for giving us an Easter egg that activates a cool light show. For […] Read More

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