Chrome’s Malware Warning Page Gets a New Design with Lots of Red Ink

Google has tweaked Chrome's malware warning screen couple of times in the past. Here is the latest iteration of the malware page, with lots of red! François Beaufort reports: The chromium security team is currently experimenting with new interstitial pages in Chrome Canary to help users to make better decisions when it comes to malware, […] Read More

Google Play for Education Now Lists Chrome Apps

Chromebooks have a very good fan following in schools. Google already provides a well curated app store for Android in education. Now, Google is listing Chrome apps along with these Android apps. Official announcement Notes: Since November, teachers in schools with Android tablets have been using Google Play for Education to find and share just […] Read More

Here is a Sneak Peak at Chrome OS in Google’s New “Material Design”

Google announced a new "Material Design" that they will use to refresh their entire ecosystem, across all platforms, Android, Chrome OS and the Web. The official Google Design website has tonnes of resources for developers and designers, as well as eye candy for those who love any of these platforms. Gaëtan Hillairet shared a couple of them […] Read More

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