Learn Chrome OS Keyboard Shortcuts At chrome://keyboardoverlay/


Hope you already know and use the Chrome OS master keyboard shortcut, the one keyboard shortcut to learn the rest of it. If you do not know about it, here it is: CTRL + ALT + ? Yesterday, I learned from my friend Denny that this keyboard shortcuts overlay is available on a chrome:// URL […] Read More

ASUS Chromebook Flip C213SA Shows Up on Amazon for $349.00


The ASUS Flip for schools, C213SA has showed up on Amazon briefly. It shows "temporarily out of stock" at the moment. ASUS Chromebook Flip C213NA is almost like the Chromebook Flip, but with some additional bones for the education market. It has a convertible touchscreen like the regular flip, but comes with a rugged design […] Read More

Add “Sent from my Chromebook” To Your Email Signature?


Russ sent me an email today with this idea (Thank you Russ); why don't we add "Sent from my Chromebook" to our email signatures? . I agree with Russ, and think it is the perfect time for such a thing. On the pre-playstore Chromebook, you sent emails from your browser. It was not different from sending […] Read More

Chrome For Android Beta Version 60 Brings Lots of New Stuff


Google Chrome for Android Beta is now at version 60. This new version brings a lot of exciting features to Android users. Here are a few: Remember the new search widget that I told you all about? This has been added to the beta version 60. Now, an interesting fact according to Android Police: this […] Read More

How to Restart Chrome Without Losing Your Open Tabs?


This is a sure shot question that would have come across your mind once in a while. You might have ended up closing all tabs and then restarting the browser from the beginning. But, if you have an option to restart Chrome browser without losing your tabs, wouldn't that be a better choice? Here's how. […] Read More

Samsung Shows Off Chromebook Pro In A New Video


Mostly because how it looks, I am eagerly waiting for my chance to buy a Samsung Chromebook Pro. It is not going to happen anytime soon because of my location. The wait is killing me. Samsung is not making it an easy too. Last week they released a new video showing off the black Samsung […] Read More

Pinterest Improves its Visual Search Tool for Chrome


Pinterest incorporated the option of visual search technology for users of Chrome two months back. With this option, users could pinpoint particular objects, products, colors and patterns in an image and get related items and ideas, all in real time. Even though this was an instant hit, the system ended up capturing screenshots of entire browser windows, […] Read More

Google Adds Clarity To “Ad Blocking” Rumors


There has been quite a lot of chatter around a built-in ad-blocking feature coming to Google Chrome. Earlier this week, Google added some clarity to this news with an official announcement. Here is more. The title of the blog post was "Building a better web for everyone". Everyone including users, webmasters and even Google. Google […] Read More

You Can No Longer Cast Using Mobile Hotspot


Chromecast needs a WiFi connection to stream content to the connected TV. This means you need an internet connection and a WiFi router. For those who do not have any of these, a mobile hotspot was the workaround to use Chromecast. Not anymore. A recent update to Google Play Services, Play Services version 11.0.55, makes it […] Read More

ASUS’s Other Chromebook Flip For Schools


After quietly releasing their new Chromebook C101, presumably the Flip 2, at Computex, ASUS has surprised us all with another Chromebook. Another Flip, actually, but this time for the education market. ASUS Chromebook Flip C213NA however is slightly different from the Flip 2. This one comes with Intel’s Apollo Lake processors unlike the ARM chip on […] Read More

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