Library Extension That Lets You Find the Same Book in Your Local Library as You Browse Online

If you are a book lover and a heavy online shopper for easy and fast delivery, here's some good news. A new extension is in place to show you the availability of the same book in your nearby library - just the same time you are browsing for it online. As you browse books and […] Read More

Google Might Have Considered This Sleeker Design For Second Generation Chromecast

A sleeker "streaming device" has been revealed in a 2015 patent request filed by Google. The interwebs believe that this might have been one of the designs Google considered for their second generation Chromecast. As we all know, the second generation Chromecast did not deviate much from the first generation in terms of design. It did […] Read More

Keyboard Combination To Enter Chrome OS Recovery Mode Changing To Match Android?

If you have been following the recent developments, this will not come as a surprise to you. The keyboard combination for entering recovery mode might change to that used in Android. At present, the keyboard combination to enter Chrome OS recovery mode is ESC + RELOAD + POWER. The method that Android uses to enter […] Read More

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