Chromebook User Guide

If you are a Google Chrome user, you already know how to use Chrome OS and Chromebooks. This is my attempt to make things even more easier for you by providing a comprehensive user guide to Chrome OS.


The Chromebook User Guide

You might also want to join the Chromebook community on Google Plus for quick help and tips from user around the world.

Getting Started With Chromebook

If you are new to Chrome OS and Chromebooks, the best place to start is my Getting Started Guide for Chromebooks. This is a quick read and covers most of the things that new users get stuck with on their first day with Chrome OS.

Signing In

You will need a Google account to use Chrome OS. You can later create local accounts called Supervised Users for specific use cases. However, a Google account is required to set up and manage Chrome OS.

  • You can add up to 17 people to your Chromebook.
  • For those quick browsing sessions and also to hand over your computer to guests without any worry, use the Guest Mode to sign in.

Change Wallpaper

To change wallpaper on Chrome OS:

  1. Right click on the desktop or anywhere on the launcher (taskbar on the bottom of the desktop) the following menu appears:set_wallpaper
  2. Choose Set wallpaper….
  3. The page with wallpapers will be displayed. You can browse categories or click All to list all available wallpapers.select_chromebook_wallpaper
  4. When a wallpaper is selected, it will be downloaded. It will take a few seconds to download and ready for you.
  5. To select a custom wallpaper, click Custom and browse and select a wallpaper from your Files app.

You can:

Take Screenshots

  • To take a screenshot of the entire screen, press Ctrl and window switcherYou can take screenshot also using the menu. Go to Settings > More Tools and click Take screenshot.
  • If you want to take screenshot of a specific part of the screen, here is the keyboard shortcut:CtrlShift Google Chromebook Tips To Master Chrome OS
  • To take a screenshot of your Chromebook’s login screen, use CTRL window switcher

Change Screen Resolution

Go to Settings and choose Display Settings. Or, you can directly open chrome://settings/display on your Omnibox.

Now on the Display Settings menu, choose your screen resolution or screen orientation.


Basic Tasks

This section helps you with basic tasks on your Chromebook

Stop Chromebook From Sleeping

You can keep your Chromebook awake and stop it from going to the sleep mode with a simple extension. Install Keep Awake for Chrome.


This extension adds an icon to the toolbar. Click this icon to activate the always on mode, whenever you need.

How To Add a New Bluetooth Device To Your Chromebook

To add a new Bluetooth device to your Chromebook:

  1. Click on the bottom right corner of the screen where your profile picture and time is.
  2. Choose Add device.
  3. Select the device you wish to add from the list of available Bluetooth devices and click Connect.
  4. Follow the on screen instructions to complete paring.

To connect to a device that is already added, click the device from the Add Bluetooth device popup menu and click Connect.

How to Change Owner Of a Chromebook

The very first user account that logs in to a new Chromebook is considered the “Owner account” on the Chromebook.  If you are selling your Chromebook, or you bought a used Chromebook, here is how change the owner account.

Simple. You need to do a Powerwash (Factory reset in Chrome OS). After the reset, login using the new account and that will become the new owner of the Chromebook.

How to Powerwash Chromebook Without Logging In

What if you get your hands on a Chromebook with a user account already logged in? If the user has blocked signing in of new users from the login screen, you cannot format the Chromebook to change the owner or to get your self in. In such a scenario, you need a way to reset your Chromebook without logging in.

At the login screen, press ALT + CTRL + SHIFT +R and tap the Restart button. You will get the prompt to Powerwash the Chromebook. After the powerwash, login using the new account.

Productivity on Chromebook

Stay productive, with and without internet connection!

Tweaking Your Chromebook

This section contains information on tweaking your Chromebook. Changing little things can make your Chromebook experience better.

Understanding Chrome OS and Chromebooks

This section explains different parts of Chrome OS operating system and helps you learn how to use them better

Managing Your Chromebook

This section contains information on managing your Chromebook.

Troubleshooting Issues With Your Chromebook

Experiencing problems with your Chromebook? Here is a section with troubleshooting help for Chrome OS.

Chromebook Security

This section is for information dedicated to making your Chromebook more secure.

Advanced Tips for Power Users

This is a collection of things you can try if you are a power user and wants to tweak your Chromebook and play with it.

Make The Best of Your Chromebook

Interesting and useful things that you can do with your Chromebook to make the best out of it!

Chromebook How To Videos

Here are some official How To videos from Google for Chrome OS users:

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Fixing Wi Fi Connectivity

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