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How Much Available Memory Do I Have on my Chromebook?

If you're like me, you like to have lots of tabs open. I mean lots. I typically have 30-40 tabs open on my Chromebook Pixel, which has an i5 Broadwell processor, and 8GB of RAM. My work computer though, is an Asus Chromebox with an i3 Haswell, and 4GB of RAM, and lately while driving […] Read More

“Chromebox for Meetings” Package Launched in India #chromeweekender

Due to various reasons, I missed last two #chromeweekender posts. That's really bad. Now, here is a positive personal news. I have been planning to start a Youtube channel for tech news and tips in my mother tongue, Malayalam. It feels like those days when I started blogging, all over again. I am a total […] Read More

Lenovo Adds a Chromebox to their “ThinkCentre Tiny” Line Up

Lenovo has an interesting desktop computer concept called "Tiny in One".  It is an all-in-one with the flexibility that regular all-in-ones give. This is modular and you can easily upgrade, and configure according to your needs. Watch this video to find out how this concept works: Lenovo is adding a Chrome OS option to […] Read More

Acer’s New Chromebox Has 4K Support, 4th-gen Intel Core i3 and 8GB RAM for $399

Here is the most exciting Chromebook (ok, Chromebox) news yet, for 2015. Acer has announced an update to their Chromebox lineup, with a Chromebox that supports 4K display and up to 8GB RAM. The new Chromebox CXI line-up with will have options featuring 4th generation Intel® Core™ i3 4030U dual-core processors and up to 8GB DDR3 SDRAM. […] Read More

Dell Now Offers a $199.99 Chromebox Bundle

Dell has quietly (but no escaping Brent Sullivan, Dell) launched a Chromebox bundle, which gives you a Haswell powered Chromebox, a keyboard and a mouse for $199.99. This might be one of the cheapest Chromebox bundle offers available out there. This Chromebox features 2GB RAM (2GB Single Channel DDR3 1600MHz (2GBx1)) and Intel 7260ac HMC network card. The […] Read More

Haswell Powered HP Chromebox for $136.82 [Deal]

Amazon has an HP Chromebox powered by Haswell chip up for sale with about $50 discount. HP Chromebox CB1-014 Desktop which usually retails for $180 is now up for $136.82. Pretty nice deal if you are looking for a Chrome OS based computer for your home. You can easily disconnect the Windows tower from the monitor, keyboard and […] Read More

Unboxing Acer’s First Chromebox, (CXI) #video

Here is the first unboxing video of the newly announced Acer Chromebox. That was quick,Online Partner AB. Here is a look inside the Chromebox, yes they opened this one up already :). Turns out, it is easy to upgrade this Chromebox. via Online Partner AB […] Read More

Acer Announces Their First Chromebox, Starting at $180, Available in September

This was expected, a Chromebox from Acer. It almost met my expectations, and I am happy for the most part. I will tell you more about that after the specs and other details of this new Chromie. The Acer Chromebox is named Chromebox CXI, and starts retailing at $180 in the USA. For this price, you […] Read More

Asus Chromebox Launched in India for Rs. 21000 ($342)

I was not really happy when LG launched their Chromebase in India couple of days back. However, the Asus Chromebox somehow makes me happy. Again, I am not super impressed with the pricing, but Chromebox makes sense in India than Chromebase. (I still believe that what we need is more Chromebooks, but you know..) Asus […] Read More

HP Chromebox Combo with Monitor and Wireless Keyboard & Mouse for $339.97

LG has a Chromebase. HP needs something similar. They put together something with their existing Chromebox and a monitor along with a wireless mouse and keyboard. They call it HP Chromebox CB1-010 Bundle. Official literature : Your living room PC delivers your Google world. Transform virtually any monitor or TV with the next-generation HP Chromebox. Access […] Read More

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