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Samsung Chromebook Plus Is Now $379 Only ($71 Discount)

Samsung Chromebook Plus

If you are in the market for Chromebooks, the Samsung Chromebook Plus is one of the top Chromebooks that you should consider. The ARM powered Chromebook comes with Android apps by default. If you are considering this Chromebook, Amazon has a 16% discount for this Chromebook at the moment. Chromebook Plus Specs If you are […] Read More

Android Nougat Comes to Asus Flip C302, Beta Channel

Chromestory - Android Nougat 7.1.1 Comes To Asus C302

You may have been reading the numerous reports lately that Android 7.1.1 (Nougat) has reached the Samsung Chromebook Plus, on the Canary Channel. You may have read other similar reports that various other devices are receiving the update on the Dev channel. But you may not be aware that some owners of the Asus Flip […] Read More

A New Style Material Design Notification For Chromebooks In The Works


This new flag showed up in Chrome OS Canary Channel couple of days ago, New style notification. The description said: Enables the experiment style of material-design notification #enable-message-center-new-style-notification I turned it on, restarted my Chromebook and waited. For some reason I did not notice any change that day. However, I noticed this different design for notifications […] Read More

Material Design Comes To Chromebook Login Screen and Lock Screen


A recent update to the Chrome OS Canary channel (the bleeding edge, updated daily, but buggy) brings Material Design update to Chrome OS login and lock screens. My Toshiba Chromebooks seems to be on an old build, even though I am on Canary channel. However, according to William Greene, this is currently working in Canary channel […] Read More

Chromebooks Can Now Print Without Cloud


Google had a cloud-first vision for Chrome OS. It is why it took a while for Chromebooks to become popular. They were a little ahead of time. When cloud computing became a popular concept, the popularity of Chromebooks also increased. There was always one piece where this cloud-first strategy constantly created frustration for users. Cloud […] Read More

Learn Chrome OS Keyboard Shortcuts At chrome://keyboardoverlay/


Hope you already know and use the Chrome OS master keyboard shortcut, the one keyboard shortcut to learn the rest of it. If you do not know about it, here it is: CTRL + ALT + ? Yesterday, I learned from my friend Denny that this keyboard shortcuts overlay is available on a chrome:// URL […] Read More

ASUS Chromebook Flip C213SA Shows Up on Amazon for $349.00


The ASUS Flip for schools, C213SA has showed up on Amazon briefly. It shows "temporarily out of stock" at the moment. ASUS Chromebook Flip C213NA is almost like the Chromebook Flip, but with some additional bones for the education market. It has a convertible touchscreen like the regular flip, but comes with a rugged design […] Read More

Add “Sent from my Chromebook” To Your Email Signature?


Russ sent me an email today with this idea (Thank you Russ); why don't we add "Sent from my Chromebook" to our email signatures? . I agree with Russ, and think it is the perfect time for such a thing. On the pre-playstore Chromebook, you sent emails from your browser. It was not different from sending […] Read More

Samsung Shows Off Chromebook Pro In A New Video


Mostly because how it looks, I am eagerly waiting for my chance to buy a Samsung Chromebook Pro. It is not going to happen anytime soon because of my location. The wait is killing me. Samsung is not making it an easy too. Last week they released a new video showing off the black Samsung […] Read More

ASUS’s Other Chromebook Flip For Schools


After quietly releasing their new Chromebook C101, presumably the Flip 2, at Computex, ASUS has surprised us all with another Chromebook. Another Flip, actually, but this time for the education market. ASUS Chromebook Flip C213NA however is slightly different from the Flip 2. This one comes with Intel’s Apollo Lake processors unlike the ARM chip on […] Read More

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