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Samsung Chromebox Unboxing Video!

Well, here you go guys, as I promised in my last post about Samsung Chromebox Price and Specs, an unboxing video of Samsung Chromebox. Watch the video first, and then I will do the talking. Okay, I had a question about the Chromebox + Keyboard + Mouse combo. Well, looks like that is also going […] Read More

Samsung Chromebox Specs and Price Leaked!!

  In a surprising development, Tiger Direct, an online retailer, leaked specs and price of the Samsung Chromebox. They accidently made the product page active. ps: Stay tuned for an unboxing video :-) Even though Tiger Direct removed the page from their website, cached webpages from Google still give us the complete details of the new […] Read More

Sssh!! LG Is Building A Chromebox, Not A Chromebook (Updated)

The last post on this blog said, "Is LG Planning Chromebooks". Looks like it was not correct, fully. My discussion with François Beaufort  on Google Plus has made both of us conclude that LG is planning a Chromebox instead of Chromebook. Why? Read on... François posted an image of the chrome://system page of the Samsung Chromebox. […] Read More

Samsung’s Chromebox Is Coming in Mid-2012 for $400

Remember Chromebox? The tiny box that Sundar Pichai of Google Chrome team teased , while announcing the Chromebooks . Looks like Samsung is getting ready to release one in Q2 of 2012! The design of the Chromebox seems similar but a little more polishing has been done. I've included the old picture and a new one from CES […] Read More

Trim Slice Tegra2 ARM Cortex-A9 “Chromebox” Starts at $199

Chromebook prices start from $349. Can you make it cheaper ? Well, we have an answer for you. Trim Slice is a Tegra2 ARM Cortex-A9 "Chromebox" Starts at $199. This is primarily for developers who wants build things on top of various operating systems including Chromium OS, Android and Ubuntu. However, if you want to try Chromium OS […] Read More

Google Chrome OS For Desktop – With Samsung’s Chromebox !

A day of super excitement for all Chrome OS fans ! Here is one more thing to add to that. Google is working on the desktop version of Chrome OS, and they have a device called "Chromebox" which is built buy Samsung. Sundar Pichai of Google Chrome team teased a Chrome Box, while announcing the […] Read More

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