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Asus Chromebit Coming to India in January for INR 7,999

When Chromebooks were first announced I thought they are going to be a big hit in markets like India. They did well in the education market and smartphones beat them here in India. When the second wave of Chromebooks came (the $249 Samsung Chromebook and the like) I hoped for them to be popular in India. […] Read More

Asus and Google Launch the $85 Asus Chromebit

Chromebits were announced long back and we almost thought that Google dropped the whole project. But now, the Asus Chromebit, an Chrome-OS-in-a-stick device that connects to any display that has an HDMI input port and makes it a Chromebook / Chromebox. Google is positioning this device as something that businesses can use for their kiosks and […] Read More

Make a DIY Chromebit with Intel Compute Stick and Chromium OS

Google's Chromebit project was announced a while back but we are yet to see any product in the market. If you are really keen on the concept of Chromebit, there is a DIY alternative. Get an Intel Compute Stick and follow instructions that developer Ian MORRISON has put together. Intel Compute Stick looks pretty much like […] Read More

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