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Microsoft Responds To Google’s Response To Microsoft’s Battery Tests On Chrome

Microsoft did a battery test to show that Chrome is horrible with laptop batteries. That was a while back. Recently, Google replied to their tests to say that with Chrome version 53, things are much lighter on battery life. Now, Microsoft has responded to that response, with more tests. In a new blog post, Microsoft […] Read More

Microsoft Update Catalog to Work in Chrome and Firefox also

If you are a Microsoft Windows user, all the updates will  be automatically downloaded and installed on to your computer. To manually update changes, you will have to go to Internet Explorer and require Active X. You would very often see a message like the one below whenever you try to open it in any […] Read More

How to Make Chrome for Windows Play Audio in Surround

Right now some of you might be thinking "who's using Chrome to play high quality audio anyways?". Well I think the answer is, a lot of people. Sure, many of you are using your favorite VLC player, or some other kind of player, like iTunes or Spotify's Windows application. But many users are using web-based […] Read More

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