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MacOS – Set Chrome OS Default Browser From Command Line

Here is a tip that you may not use anytime soon. Or may be never. Here is how to set Google Chrome as your default browser on macOS using command line. Setting Chrome as your default browser is mostly a one time thing. You might have already done that on your computer. So, doing this […] Read More

Enable Native Notifications in Chrome for MacOS

Google Chrome now can show notifications from websites on your Mac's native notification center. Here is how to enable it. This feature is currently being tested behind a flag. Flags are experimental swtiches that you can use enable or disable certain features. These are temporary while Google works on features and perfect them. In our […] Read More

Google To Make Chrome Be Nicer to Your Mac’s Battery

Google (also) agrees that Chrome for Mac needs some work when it comes to playing nice with battery. Safari excels in this area, so Google has some pressure on them. Along with the recent announcement about battery efficient Chrome, Google is working on several things aiming for battery efficiency on Mac. Googler Peter Kasting announced on Google […] Read More

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