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10 Excellent Twitter Extensions for Google Chrome

Tweeting from Chrome, Searching Twitter from Chrome and Sharing Articles on Twitter while reading them - There is a Google Chrome Addon available for Anything and Everything related to Twitter here.  Let's have some fun guys ! Our first set of Chrome extensions for twitter is for doing most important part of using tiwtter. Posting […] Read More

Imgur Plugin for Google Chrome

I want to make this post short and simple as the plugin and service that I am going to tell about you today. Imgur is  is one of the most popular image sharing services now. "Alan Schaaf, a 21 year college student started imgur in his free time, and the idea struck him while he […] Read More

FastestChrome – An Extension for Fast Browsing

FastestChrome adds a bunch of additional features to your Google Chrome browser to speed up browsing. As a user comment on the Extension gallery says "This should not be just an extension." Endless Scroll and Quick wikipedia search rocks ! * Look up definitions by highlighting a word * Better Google: shows you relevant results […] Read More

Official StumbleUpon extension for Google Chrome

If you are a SutmbpleUp on fan, here is a great news for you, Official StumbleUpon extension for Google Chrome has landed in the Google Chrome Extensions Gallery. StumbleUpon helps you discover great websites that match your interests. Simply click the Stumble button and see the best websites. There are over 500 topics to choose […] Read More

F** Off ! – Profanity filter Extension for Google Chrome

I don't know if I should call this extension strange, weired or a very useful extension. All seems to be correct when it comes to "F** Off" extension for Google Chrome. Install it from here Don't get confused with the name. F Off! is a profanity filter for Google Chrome that cleans your Internet of swearing. If you […] Read More

Gallery of Official Google Chrome Extensions For Google Services

I added a new page to with a cool list of Google's Official Extensions for Chrome, to make the best out of Google's own services with Google Chrome browser. Google has developed official extensions for most of their apps. Yes,  let's start calling them apps, because we are all waiting for Chrome OS and […] Read More

Early Beta of Delicious Chrome extension – Wanna Try ?

Were you waiting for Delicious to release their own Google Chrome Plugin ? Your wait  is almost over. Delicious team has announced an early beta version of their Chrome Addon. There is no sidebar. If you click anywhere on the page while the Save frame is opened, it’ll disappear. SAVE your bookmarks using the Delicious […] Read More

Better Youtube – An Extension – Be a Youtube Power user

Oh yea, just like "Better Gmail" extensions, here is a Google Chrome addon that lets you use Youtube better. This plugin will Notifiy you when there are new items from your Subscribed channels and also enhances search with Google Suggest. This extension will collect videos from the webpages you visit, and save it for your. So, […] Read More

Two Google Chrome Extensions for WordPress Users

Wordpress Comments Notifier and Word This, two Google Chrome extensions for Wordpress users. As the name suggests, first extensions notifies you about pending comments on your Wordpress blog and the Word this plugin helps you post the current URL to Wordpress blog with a single click. This plugin will check for new pending comments of […] Read More

Google Dictionary Chrome Extension by Google

Here is another Google Chrome Extension by Mr. G himself. A small but really useful extension for those use dictionary while surfing the web. Like me ! With this extension, you can  Double-click any word to view its definition in a small pop-up bubble and view the complete definition of any word or phrase using the […] Read More

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