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Enjoy a VR/360° Photo Every Time You Open a New Tab on Chrome

It isn't a bad idea to get a look at a fresh 360° photo every single time you open a new tab on Chrome. That too, in VR mode. The Chrome extension SVRF Tabs do just that. Once you install SVRF Tabs, Chrome warns you on the tab change and you can just go with 'Keep […] Read More

This Chrome Extension Lets You Add Private Notes To Twitter Profiles

Here is a Chrome extension for the Twiteratti / Chromies here. "Whodis" which is an alpha release, lets you add private notes to Twitter profiles. You will need to sign in using your Google account to start adding notes. I stopped at this point. I was not comfortable setting this up just to test the […] Read More

Do You Want To Know What Facebook’s Computer Vision Sees On Your Photos?

Computer vision is a smart tool that allows Google and Facebook do interesting things with your photos. So, when Facebook's computers look at your photos, what do they see? You can go to the Inspect Element console for your Facebook page, you can see this as alt text for the image, starting as "image may contain". […] Read More

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