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“Gmail Sender Icons” Helps You Easily Identify Email Senders on Chrome


Here is a quick extension to make your Gmail inbox look more engaging. "Gmail Sender Icons" adds favicon from sender's domain to help you identify the sender quickly. Favicon is that small icon that appears on the browser tab when you open any website. Most websites use their logos as favions. For website which do not […] Read More

Set Background Image for Google’s Secure Shell App for Chrome


Secure Shell is an xterm-compatible terminal emulator and stand-alone ssh client for Chrome. This is an official Chrome app created by Google. According to Google, it uses Native-Client to connect directly to ssh servers without the need for external proxies A cool thing from Secure Shell app's settings, background images. To set background image for Secure […] Read More

“Netflix Categories” Reveals Hidden Netflix Subcategories


Remember the "Netflix Super Browse" extension?  Here is a similar extension which reveals all those hidden genres of Netflix. This extension however is named rather simple, "Netflix Categories". I started using Netflix very recently. I am a big fan, especially because of the curated set of documentaries that I get. However, I always felt there […] Read More

Cisco’s Web Meeting Plugin Silently Loads Malware in a “Driveby” Attack


If you are familiar with Cisco's web meeting plugin, WebEx, here is something you should know. Tavis Ormandy, Vulnerability Researcher at Google, said on Twitter that "there was a secret URL in WebEx that allowed any website to run arbitrary code." WebEx uses a coded link (cwcsf-nativemsg-iframe-43c85c0d-d633-af5e-c056-32dc7efc570b.html) to remotely start meetings on connected machines with […] Read More

Windows 10 Pushes Chrome Shopping Extension Ads to its Users

Chrome users on Windows 10 were received with a new pop ad experience in their extension bar for Chrome. Microsoft's Garage project, Personal Shopping Assistant (PSA) appears above the browser's icon when docked on the Windows 10 Task Bar according to The new pop-up ad that appears on the taskbar promoting PSA, helps consumers compare […] Read More

Writefull App Helps You Write Better by Analyzing the Context of Phrases You Use


Writing in good language is not easy, mainly  for non­-native speakers of English who make up the majority of people worldwide. A good amount of time can is invested on editing and checking writing. Writefull, speeds up this process allowing non-native speakers of English, especially researchers to work more efficiently. Writefull is a Chrome extension that helps you write better by giving feedback […] Read More

Library Extension That Lets You Find the Same Book in Your Local Library as You Browse Online


If you are a book lover and a heavy online shopper for easy and fast delivery, here's some good news. A new extension is in place to show you the availability of the same book in your nearby library - just the same time you are browsing for it online. As you browse books and […] Read More

Check Tasks Directly from your Trello Boards with Next Step for Trello


Trello users need no introduction on its effectiveness as a quick and effective work tool. Trello board is the place to organize your tasks on lists and collaborate with your team of friends, family, and colleagues. Its add-on, Next Step for Trello is more of a 'Checklist' feature added to Trello for weekly or daily planning […] Read More

Google Removes “AdNauseam”, An Extension That Clicks Ads Automatically On Behalf Of Users


Google has removed AdNauseam, an anti-tracking browser extension, from the Chrome Web Store. This is slightly different from your regular ad blocker extension, so read on to find out more. AdNauseam is a browser extension that uses "obfuscate" as their strategy. In simple words the extension wants to make the data useless to the companies. AdNauseam […] Read More

Enjoy a VR/360° Photo Every Time You Open a New Tab on Chrome


It isn't a bad idea to get a look at a fresh 360° photo every single time you open a new tab on Chrome. That too, in VR mode. The Chrome extension SVRF Tabs do just that. Once you install SVRF Tabs, Chrome warns you on the tab change and you can just go with 'Keep […] Read More

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