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Library Extension That Lets You Find the Same Book in Your Local Library as You Browse Online

If you are a book lover and a heavy online shopper for easy and fast delivery, here's some good news. A new extension is in place to show you the availability of the same book in your nearby library - just the same time you are browsing for it online. As you browse books and […] Read More

Check Tasks Directly from your Trello Boards with Next Step for Trello

Trello users need no introduction on its effectiveness as a quick and effective work tool. Trello board is the place to organize your tasks on lists and collaborate with your team of friends, family, and colleagues. Its add-on, Next Step for Trello is more of a 'Checklist' feature added to Trello for weekly or daily planning […] Read More

Google Removes “AdNauseam”, An Extension That Clicks Ads Automatically On Behalf Of Users

Google has removed AdNauseam, an anti-tracking browser extension, from the Chrome Web Store. This is slightly different from your regular ad blocker extension, so read on to find out more. AdNauseam is a browser extension that uses "obfuscate" as their strategy. In simple words the extension wants to make the data useless to the companies. AdNauseam […] Read More

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