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Google Drops ChromeSync API Support For Third Party Browsers on Android


ChromeSync is the feature that lets you sign into Chrome and let it store your bookmarks, passwords, extensions and more. ChromeSync has an API that Chromium based third party browsers were using on Android. Google is dropping support for Chrome Sync API for third party browsers. Google Chrome's opensource cousin, Chromium, is used by many […] Read More

Chrome For Android Testing Built-in “Read It Later” Feature


With all the features that my favorite read it later app Pocket gives, I am not sure if I am going to use this Chrome feature, but here goes. Google Chrome for Android is currently testing a native read it later service. Google Chrome for Android Beta version 53.0.2785.97 or later has this feature hidden behind a flag, […] Read More

Chrome For Android Can Now Play YouTube Videos In The Background


The latest update to Google Chrome for Android Beta comes with support for a new API: Page Visibility 2. This allows apps like YouTube to continue playing even when you switch tabs or apps. You can even turn the screen off and continue to listen to the audio. This is not a YouTube only thing. Developers […] Read More

Android Pay Welcomes Chase. Hits the Web via Chrome

Texture of fresh painted wooden surface

Tap. Pay. Done. That's what Android Pay is all about. With Android Pay you can simply unlock your phone, place it near a contact-less terminal, and you are good to go without the need to open an app. Android Pay is accepted at millions of stores across the US, and is now available in your Android apps. Google has expanded its […] Read More

Chrome 53 Beta For Android Brings New API For Web Based Payments


Beyond building a popular browser, Google's intention with Chrome is to make a better web, which will be good for both users and Google's business. Here is an example, PaymentRequest API PaymentRequest is a new API that Google has added to Chrome for Android, currently available in version 53 Beta. This is intended to make online […] Read More

The Pixel C Challenge, Day 98: The Adventure Continues


Forgive the tardiness of this final post. I've been working. A lot. On the Pixel C. I know, right? Yes. Boom. Period. Comma. Moving on... There's much I can say about my ongoing working relationship with Google's apparently-already-forgotten Android productivity experiment. I'll invest a few final words on the topic here, but I'll begin with […] Read More

Android N Lets You View Two Chrome Windows At The Same Time


Android N's multi-window support was one of the most talked about features when the preview build came out a few weeks agao. With Preview 3, Android N can show two Chrome windows side by side. Earlier, if you wanted to view two webpages side by side using Android N's multi-window support, you will open the […] Read More

What The Heck Is “Neyyappam” For Android N?


I am stepping in with an Android post on this Chrome OS blog (well, we are related now anyways) to explain what Neyyappam for Android N is. There is a lot of fuss around Neyyappam and Indians rooting for it to become the code name of Android N. As someone who has personal connection with […] Read More

Android on Chromebooks: Goodbye ARC, hello Containers


Yesterday we told you that Android apps coming to Chromebooks was official, based off of an announcement on Google's official Chrome blog. Today I'm here to tell you that Android apps coming to Chromebooks is now super official, as there was an entire session dedicated to it at Google's I/O Developer conference. It doesn't get more […] Read More

Chrome Remote Desktop for Android Gets Material Design


Material design is slowly ( as slow as a creeper plant that is) coming to Chrome and Chrome OS. The latest addition to the list is the Android app for Chrome Remote Desktop. The latest update of the Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android brings the Material Design look along with other minor changes. To refresh […] Read More

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