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Play Store on Chromebooks Is Now Powered By Android 7.1.1

I am still waiting for Google Play Store on my Toshiba Chromebook 2, but for those who are already enjoying Android apps on their Chromebooks, Google has a new year gift. Play Store on Chromebooks will soon be powered by Android 7.1.1 According to a reader who sent a screenshot from his Chromebook to our […] Read More

Samsung Chromebook Pro And Plus Coming In April, February

Samsung Chromebook Plus

Google announced today on their blog that they are working directly with Samsung to bring us the first Chromebooks built from the ground up for Android apps. These Chromebooks are called the Samsung Chromebook Pro, and the Samsung Chromebook Plus. The Pro will be available in April, and the Plus is available for pre-order today. […] Read More

Android Wallpapers App To Be The Default Wallpaper App on Chrome OS

A new flag added to the Canary channel of Chrome OS hints at the Android Wallpapers app becoming the default option in Chrome OS. The flag, available at chrome://flags/#enable-android-wallpapers-app, is called "Android Wallpapers App Chrome OS" and has the following description: Enables the Android Wallpapers App as the default Wallpaper App on Chrome OS This is […] Read More

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