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New Bluetooth Device Type Icons Come To Chrome OS System Tray

Material Design is slowly taking shape in Chrome OS. Google is yet to finish the MD makeover of Chrome OS, but they are definitely adding more MD elements and fine tuning existing ones with each update. Here is one of the recent changes, François Beaufort reports that a new set of (Material Design friendly) Bluetooth device type […] Read More

Keyboard Combination To Enter Chrome OS Recovery Mode Changing To Match Android?

If you have been following the recent developments, this will not come as a surprise to you. The keyboard combination for entering recovery mode might change to that used in Android. At present, the keyboard combination to enter Chrome OS recovery mode is ESC + RELOAD + POWER. The method that Android uses to enter […] Read More

Chrome OS To Get “Model-specific” Wallpapers

Here is small change in Chrome OS that might improve the unboxing - first boot experience on your next Chromebook, model-specific wallpaper. With model-specific wallpaper, you will start seeing a lot of new curated images showing up on Chromebooks as wallpapers. Chrome OS currently has the option to set an OEM specific wallpaper. So far, […] Read More

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