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Android Nougat Comes to Asus Flip C302, Beta Channel

Chromestory - Android Nougat 7.1.1 Comes To Asus C302

You may have been reading the numerous reports lately that Android 7.1.1 (Nougat) has reached the Samsung Chromebook Plus, on the Canary Channel. You may have read other similar reports that various other devices are receiving the update on the Dev channel. But you may not be aware that some owners of the Asus Flip […] Read More

From The Folks At Pixlr: The One Chrome Plugin To Rule Them All

Pixlr New Tab Chrome Extension

About six years ago, Pixlr - a popular web based Photoshop-like app - was acquired by Autodesk. About a month ago, 123RF - one of the world’s largest royalty-free digital stock agencies - acquired Pixlr. This made a lot of people wonder about the future of our favorite web-based photo editing app. Some saw it as […] Read More

Vectr, Free Vector Graphic Design Tool Launches On Chromebooks


If you're like me and you've converted 100% to Chrome OS, then you're always on the lookout for quality web apps that will work on your Chromebook. Vectr is one such quality web app. A free vector graphics design app, Vectr launched in September of 2016 on Product Hunt, and announced their app in the […] Read More

Samsung Chromebook Pro And Plus Coming In April, February

Samsung Chromebook Plus

Google announced today on their blog that they are working directly with Samsung to bring us the first Chromebooks built from the ground up for Android apps. These Chromebooks are called the Samsung Chromebook Pro, and the Samsung Chromebook Plus. The Pro will be available in April, and the Plus is available for pre-order today. […] Read More

Asus Flip 2 (Asus C302CA) First Impression [Hands-On]


There's been quite a bit of buzz lately about a new Chromebook from Asus that appeared briefly on NewEgg, and then again on Best Buy's website. (read about those leaks here) This new Chromebook has been dubbed the Asus Flip 2, successor to the Asus Flip Chromebook, which was a 10" ARM powered Chromebook with […] Read More

Ability To Print Natively Coming To Chromebooks


Yes, you read that correctly. Some time soon-ish, you will be able to print from your Chromebook, without having to use Google Cloud Print. At the moment, there are two ways to print from a Chromebook, and both are fairly limiting. Method 1: Google Cloud Print. This is a great option that is not exclusive […] Read More

Sound Not Working On Your Chromebook? Read This.


Chromebooks are a solid machine. The operating system is simple to use, bloatware-free, secure and fast. Many Chromebooks are very affordable, and there are even some high-end devices for those with expensive taste. But even Chromebooks have their issues from time to time. Something we see semi-regularly on the Google Product Forum is issues with […] Read More

[How-To] Update Android Apps On A Chromebook


At the 2016 Google I/O, Google announced that it would be bringing Android apps to Chromebooks. And they did, sort of. Right now, officially, there are three models of Chromebook that have access to Android apps via the Google Play Store: The Google Pixel (second generation), Asus Flip, and Acer R11. There are other models […] Read More

The Chromebook Pro is here. Well almost.


Not long ago, a Google Opinion Rewards survey was sent out that had a very intriguing question. The question was this: "How would you think a Chromebook Pro is different than a Chromebook?" This was the first time we had heard the term "Chromebook Pro", and it was the last, until now. For about 3 […] Read More

Chromecast Preview Channel: How To Opt-In


We here at Chromestory love to beta test things. Especially Chrome things, like our Chromebooks. I myself own a Chromebook Pixel (2015) which has access to Android apps, as long as it's on the Beta channel. It's just fun. Fun getting features before other people, fun being a part of the testing and feedback process. It's […] Read More

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