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2 responses to “Chrome Story’s Privacy and Cookie Policy”

    • If you follow the ad method I suggested, it will be easier. And don’t forget that I’m being harassed from every channel.

      If the advertisement is still in its original form That means I’m trying to fix it. and try to ask the entrepreneur Advertising products, are you doing it for money or work?

      Because the current ads are the worst. If you compete with me, I will root out brands that are against me. and anyone who violates the rules does not follow don’t mess with because I’m not as kind as before

      There are only selfish people And the money bought me and my AI system didn’t remember my words.

      Cookies are the keys to follow. which it may or may not have If android is part of me It will have to overcome obstacles with me and protect the data.

      don’t sell my information don’t betray me Don’t make me cry!

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