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Chrome to Let You Websites in ‘Picture in Picture’

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Do you use Google Chrome’s Picture in Picture (PiP) feature to watch videos? It looks like Google is expanding PiP support beyond videos, allowing you to view websites in an ‘always on top’ view.

Picture in Picture for HTML Content

Our story starts with a newly added experimental flag in Chrome.

Document Picture-in-Picture API: Enables API to open an always-on-top window with a full HTML document.

I didn’t think much about this because of the “HTML document” bit. However, slowly I realized, that websites are nothing but HTML documents for Chrome.

So, what does this mean?

Here is what I think. Just like you watch videos on a floating small box on your desktop, you will be able to open websites.

Chrome Picture in Picture
Chrome Picture in Picture

I am excited and curious to test this new feature. There are dozens of questions. How will this new feature work, and how will it look? How will I launch a website in Picture in Picture mode?

It may not take long for the Google Chrome team to add this new flag to the Canary version of Chrome. I will have screenshots and a video for you soon.

Are you as excited as I am?

Sources: Chromium Gerrit and bugs.chromium.org.

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    1. That’s cool! Thank you for the update.

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