Disable ‘Viewing Live Page’ on Google Chrome

Is Chrome showing a ‘viewing live page’ notification while visiting websites? Here is what it means and how to turn off this message.

viewing live page
viewing live page

‘Viewing Live Page’ & ‘Preview’ Notifications

If you are seeing “Viewing Live Page” or “Preview” on Google Chrome addressbar, do not worry. Your phone is not hacked nor compromised. The message is an alert from Google Chrome, nothing more.

If you want technical details about this feature, refer to this page.

Turn off Viewing Live Page / Preview Notifications

To get rid of the ‘viewing live page’ or ‘preview message:

  1. Open a new tab and go to chrome://flags/#paint-preview-startup 
  2. From the drop-down, select Disabled.
  3. Restart Google Chrome.

You will no longer see this alert on your Chrome browser. If you do, drop me a comment and we can investigate it further.

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