Chromebook ‘Nearby Share’ to Get ‘Self Share’ to Send Files to Our Own Devices

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Google is tweaking the Nearby Share feature to allow users to share files to their own devices. The new feature called ‘Self Share’ is now under development.

Nearby Share
Nearby Share

Self Share

Google recently launched a new feature called Nearby Share. Similar to Apple’s AirDrop, Nearby Share allows users to send files to devices nearby. Building on this feature, Google is adding “Self Share”, a new addition to Nearby Share.

Self Share helps you send files between your own devices using the Nearby Share method. Here is the experimental flag that I spotted today:

Nearby Sharing Self Share: Enables seamless sharing between a user’s own devices.

When this new feature is ready, you will see the “Send to Your Devices” option in the Nearby Share menu.

I have a feeling that I will be using this feature a lot more compared to the OG Nearby Share. Now that we are at home most of the time, file transfer needs are mostly limited to our own devices. The new Self Share feature is a perfect fit for this need.

What do you think? Do you find yourself sending files between your own devices often? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

8 responses to “Chromebook ‘Nearby Share’ to Get ‘Self Share’ to Send Files to Our Own Devices”

  1. I need this !


    1. Awesome! A couple of months, I guess!

  2. This was the only reason i was interested in nearby share. Whenever i want to share a file is ALWAYS between 2 of my own devices, never to someone else. Considered making duplicate accounts just so i can send stuff from my laptop to my phone without a roundabout way, like emailing it to myself… Sure Google drive could be used but then i have to delete all those shares…

      1. In fact they should have started with self share and then expanded to sharing with other users.

  3. This is great for me. I don’t have any friends, only devices.

  4. Self-Share is the only form of file transfer I would use, and just BTW my Chrome book and my Samsung Galaxy S21 are tethered and share Google messages via the same account on both devices, but I get nothing but grief and error messages when I try to use nearby-share (after having followed the instructions to the letter.

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