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Google is working on a new way to use Two-factor authentication (2FA) using QR codes. The new feature will be an improvement on the Android-based second-factor authentication that we already know about.

Chrome for Android
Chrome for Android

Web Authentication caBLE v2 QR codes

You might have noticed a prompt on your Android phone asking you to confirm when you log into your Google account from a new device. The new feature that I spotted today gives an additional method to confirm your identity.

The webpage requesting the second factor can display a QR code which you scan using your Android phone to approve sign-in.

Here is the experimental flag that I spotted today:

Web Authentication caBLE v2 QR codes: Enable display of QR codes for using Android phones as security keys

I could not find steps explaining how this might work. However, based on the flag description, users would scan QR codes to confirm sign-in.

Based on the number of comments on the feature request bug, this is a complex feature with a lot of moving parts and security concerns. It might take a while before we see this in action.

Stay tuned for more updates and screenshots about the new QR code-based second-factor authentication.

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Source: Chromium Gerrit and Chromium Bugs.

2 responses to “Google to Use QR Code for Two-factor Authentication”

  1. Asking for a friend Avatar
    Asking for a friend

    Isn’t this what Trusona already invented six years ago?

  2. Patricia Witherspoon Avatar
    Patricia Witherspoon

    Thanks for the information on here I love Google an I’ve been with them now for over 20 yrs an just wanted to say thanks google LLC

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