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Google Calendar Integration is Coming to Chromebooks

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Google is working on a new productivity feature for Chromebooks. This new integration brings Google Calendar to Chrome OS.

Google Calendar Logo

There will be a keyboard shortcut to access the calendar view:


Google Calendar

Chrome OS users have been asking for a calendar widget for ages. The demand is for a quick calendar widget like Windows when you click on the date or time on the system tray.

It looks like Google is listening. Maybe in a slightly different way.

The story starts with a new experimental Chrome OS flag that I spotted today:

Productivity experiment: Monthly Calendar View: Show Monthly Calendar View with Google Calendar events to increase productivity by helping users view their schedules more quickly.

That’s pretty clear. A calendar “view” integrated with Google Calendar. First, however, I had to confirm if this is the same widget that we have been waiting for. I searched code commits by the same developer, looking for clues.

Yes, there is a shortcut to open the popup directly. A few of the code changes suggest that we will be able to open the “bubble” by clicking date/time.

Calendar view code
Calendar view code


Calendar View is an exciting feature for me. I am sure there will be many other Chromebook users in the community waiting for this feature.

I always wanted a calendar widget on the Chromebook desktop. However, I never expected a Google Calendar integration. That’s a bonus for sure.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section.

Source: Chromium Gerrit & bugs.chromium.org.

4 responses to “Google Calendar Integration is Coming to Chromebooks”

  1. Señor il Buck Fideño Avatar
    Señor il Buck Fideño

    Is the title a type-o or are you just messin me with?

    1. Ah, fixing it 😉

  2. ppaulington Avatar

    A shortcut to a web-dependent app is not integration and nit something new. Anyone Chromebook can already pin a shortcut to calendar.google.com to their Shelf.

    Integration would mean that Chromebooks would not be dependent on a web connection for Calendar to launch and be modified offline, akin to how Gmail can be used to read and compose messages offline for later sending.

    That will require at least a PWA.

  3. Boy if they do this right that would be great! A simple integration with a good offline synchronization would be wonderful.

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