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Android 11 for Chromebooks

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Back in March, a few Chromebooks received Android 11 in the Beta channel. I was surprised to see this. Usually, Google makes such upgrades first in the Canary channel. It later moves to the Beta channel and eventually to the Stable channel.

Anyhow, today, I can confirm that my Pixel Slate which runs the Canary channel of Chrome OS, has received an Android 11 update. Let’s start with some screenshots.

You can see the new color scheme for the individual sections in the Settings app. More importantly, we have the latest security update, August 5, 2021.

Unlike an Android phone or tablet, an Android version update doesn’t change the look and feel of the Chromebook. You won’t any visual changes while using the Chromebook after an update.

You can read in-depth coverage of new features here on Chrome Unboxed.


We have already seen a few Chromebooks getting Android 11 in the Beta channel. I am not 100% sure if those Chromebooks received Android 11 in the Stable channel. Now that we have Android 11 in the regular upgrade route, all the eligible Chromebooks will soon receive this update.

Stay tuned for more.

8 responses to “Android 11 for Chromebooks”

  1. Sakti Pramanik Avatar
    Sakti Pramanik

    Are you still seeing this on canary?

    I’m not seeing this release for nocturne mentioned here: https://github.com/jay0lee/chromeos-update-directory/blob/main/data/updates/nocturne/canary/data.json

    (That still shows the 4.4 kernel and the Android VM being stuck at Android 9.)

    1. Strange.. it is missing from the latest version!

  2. Satadru Pramanik Avatar
    Satadru Pramanik

    Whoops! That used the wrong autofill for Name.

    (This is Satadru Pramanik)

  3. Arthur Gray Avatar
    Arthur Gray

    My ‘hatch’ Galaxy Chromebook (red 2020) on Dev channel has Android 11!

  4. Justin Johnson Avatar
    Justin Johnson

    Can anyone confirm if Android 11 in Chromebooks supports moving apps to the sd card? I’ve been struggling with 32GB of storage and Android 9 in Chrome OS right now only supports moving files to the sd card.

  5. Satadru Pramanik Avatar
    Satadru Pramanik

    Is your Pixel Slate still on kernel 5.10 with the new ARCVM? I’m not seeing any evidence this rolled out widely. 🙁

    1. It looks like they pulled the update. I can no longer see Android 11.

  6. Satadru Pramanik Avatar
    Satadru Pramanik

    Ugh. That’s what I suspected. Thanks for the clarification on the current status of this device.

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