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Multi-page Scanning is Coming to Chrome OS

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Do you use the Scanner app on your Chromebook? If yes, here is a piece of good news for you. You will soon be to scan multiple documents into a single PDF using the app.

Multi-page Scanning

Google recently added a standalone Scanning app to Chrome OS. A new flag that I spotted today in the Chromium Gerrit talks about an upcoming feature for this app.

Enable multi-page scanning in Scan app: Enables creating a single PDF file from multiple flatbed scans.

I get most of my scanning done using my phone these days. However, I can think of the scanning app as being really useful in some situations, especially for schools and businesses. If you are in such an environment, I am sure this will news will make you happy.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

6 responses to “Multi-page Scanning is Coming to Chrome OS”

  1. So how do I do scanning? I tried to follow your link and got a page about screenshots. I have a scanner in my Brother laser printer and would love to able to scan with it. Currently I have to use my Mac to do any scanning.

    1. Settings > Advanced > Print and Scan. I am not sure if this is available in the Stable channel yet. I am adding a screenshot to the article here.

      1. I followed your links but it can’t find my scanner on my lan although ChromeOS has no problem seeing my printer which is the same device. I’ll keep trying after every OS update. I’m on the Stable channel.

        1. Sure, all the best!

        2. Hi Russ,

          I use scan on my chromebook all the time with my Canon printer. The app works fine just doesnt scan multiple pages but that is coming soon. Not sure why yours it not working it sounds like your chromebook cant pick up your scanner (printer) you may need to adjust your printer settings to get it to work no need to wait for chrome to release the scan app as it is already out and working great.

    2. I have an older Brother HL-2280DW Laser Printer/Scanner all-in-one.
      It’s just old enough to have not made it onto Brothers official ChromeOS compatibility list.
      This is ip networked (wired on the LAN).
      I was able to get it to print, but the scanner could not be recognized (like the graphic above).
      Since ChromeOS now supports Android apps, and I had used Brother’s app
      successfully on an Android tablet, I decided to try that out.
      It recognized the model right away, and both printing and scanning are working great.
      So if you have a troublesome Brother unit this might be a good option.
      Good Luck,

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