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First Look – Chromebook Dark Theme

Today’s update to the Chrome OS Canary channel brings an exciting new feature. Dark Mode.

Here is a first look.

To test this feature, you should enable the newly added dark theme/light theme flag.

Dark/light mode of system UI: Enables the dark/light mode of system UI, which includes shelf, launcher, system tray etc. – Chrome OS

After enabling this flag, restart your Chromebook and you’ll see the new theme switcher quick switch in the settings panel.

Things are far from complete. You will see plenty of places where the dark theme or light theme is not applied.

Dark Theme – Chromebook

Chrome OS crashes every time you try to switch theme.

Light Theme – Chromebook

These bugs, however, are expected. This is Canary channel that we are talking about and this is the first version of Chrome OS with the new theme switcher.

I will keep you updated as this feature develops and is ready for the Stable channel.

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