LaCros Will Change the Way We Use Chromebook

You might not have noticed that I don’t usually make such big claims. This time, however, it is different.


LaCros separates Chrome from Chrome OS. The current version of Chrome gets updated whenever you update Chrome OS.

It will stop getting updates when your Chromebook reaches end of life.

Using a browser that no longer gets software updates is not a safe thing to do. With this change, Google can continue to give you Chrome updates even after stopping support for Chrome OS on your Chromebook.

But that’s not what I am excited about

I use two Chrome profiles on my Mac. One has my personal account. The second profile has the Google account that I use for the blog (Analytics and Search Console, etc).

Whenever I have to switch between these two profiles to complete tasks, I tend to use my Mac. It is not easy to do this on a Chromebook. I cannot switch profiles as I do on my Mac or Windows PC.

This, however, is changing with LaCros.

LaCros gives me the ability to create more than one profile, within the same login ID.

Today morning, after I noticed that LaCros has started working, I set up both my profiles on the Chromebook.

And I am writing this article using LaCros.

I can write this article and switch to my other profile to look at Analytics, Search Console, and more on my second profile.

Work in Progress

This is still a work-in-progress project. It is usable, but needs polish and refinement. We might see a few bugs also along the way.

Still, it is really useful when you have to handle more than one task at a time.


If you use more than one Chrome profile on your PC or Mac, this will be a true game changer for you.

Now, tell me which is the most exciting part for you? Getting Chrome updates even after your Chromebook is EOL or using multiple profiles?

14 responses to “LaCros Will Change the Way We Use Chromebook”

  1. “Now, tell me which is the most exciting part for you? Getting Chrome updates even after your Chromebook is EOL or using multiple profiles?”

    Both are very cool indeed. My worry is that they will take away the ability to do two profiles as maybe that’s just an accident of the early days of this. Eventually they might stop the Chrome OS Chrome from being used if it’s out of date and just let you run the LaCros Chrome. Hopefully enough influential people will see how useful two profiles is and allow it to keep going. Ideally by having two Lacros Chromes because the Chrome OS Chrome will be out of date.

      • Who knows maybe the real reason there are doing this is to allow multiple profiles in some shape or form. The thing is if they are doing this because of security, surely then they would turn off the Chrome OS Chrome (out of date) when you install the LaCros version? You see my point that there’s a potential conflict of goals there?

  2. Some of us are proper Chrome OS enthusiasts and hence forgot about multiple profiles on Windows, lol, that’s my excuse.

  3. Maybe I don’t understand the need for “End of Life” on Chromebooks. I’ve discarded two as my secondary machine to my primary Mac Book Air. I’d have thought that Google had created the computer that was closest to an appliance like a toaster. But they threw in the EOL as planned obsolesce. Such a shame, because the EOL ones still work.

    I never saw a need for “profiles”.

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